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Weight gain during recovery for people underweight Hiya, I've been reading about how people in recovery dont usually put on much weight or end up a bit smaller unless they were underweight in the... 8
Structured eating on nights out? Hiya, I've just started structured eat and I'm due to go on a night out soon, normally this would fill me with dread because of the calories and I...
Has the start of structured eating caused anyone to binge / purge more? I've just realised that the attempt to start structured eating has caused me to binge purge more, or more of the latter - purging. I think this is... 2
Weight Gain I have not been on this site in months. I was sitting eating a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from Dunkin with an iced coffee for breakfast, a normal... 4
hard time I feel like once night hits my mind is weak and I keep giving in. I am convinced that its "not that bad" and just one more night with a b/p will not... 2
brain urges hey everyone I need some advice. I have increased my meal plan because I was binging and purging a lot. However I always seem to binge at night and I... 2
Using bulimia to get back at others Today I ate a chocolate with the intention of vomiting just to get back at my husband when he upset me. Has anyone done that? And do you have any... 4
backpacking anyone gone backpacking with an eating disorder? is it naive to think the experience might be helpful? i convinced myself ill be around too many... 5
Night So I am having a very hard time at night!! Any tips or advice would be great! All day I do pretty well - stay positive - and resist B/P. Then... 6
Conflicting Thoughts Does anyone ever struggle with going back and forth between wanting recovery and not? Some days I am so on fire trying to cure this terrible cycle.... 3
isolating/parnoid Hello-this is my first post. I find the more into recovery I get, the more I find myself isolating from friends/family. I am either exhausted/tired... 1
Urges to restrict... help? I'm starting to find it more and more difficult to resist the temptation to slightly restrict my food as recovery goes on... the frequency of my... 3
scared about what my set point might be I always look at old photos now again just for memories sake, actually i lie.. Recently i've been doing it to try and look back on times i didn't... 1
Loneliness Hi all, Sorry if this has been addressed before. I'm writing to see if anyone else struggles when they feel lonely? For me there is a difference... 4
Eating poorly leading to binges! Hi all, Does anyone else feel like they can't stop eating non-nutritious foods?? I know that for recovery, it's important to stop labeling foods as... 4
Emotionally setback... Could use a kind word. Hello all, I've been looking for new job opportunities, and the one that I have my heart set on has moved far out of reach. The reason: the job... 6
Beating the bloat... I was wondering if anyone could help? I've been in recovery for 6 weeks now. I found the first few weeks so easy but I'm really struggling now as the... 2
Night time binge diffusion strategies Hi Everyone! I'm up to Day 8 of Structured Eating and overall its going pretty well.. no purges yet and I've been dilligent in eating every 3 hours... 3
In Retrospect Written by a 90 year old This is something we should all read at least once a week!!!!! Make sure you read to the end!!!!!! Written by Regina Brett... 3
Following my own preaches Yesterday as you all know it may or seemed i had lost abit of faith. I don't know why i wrote ' i wont ever recovery' because i know i don't feel... 1
Leg Bloat Leg Bloat...Mine is just absurd! I am not sure if it is bloating or fat forming. Probably bloat. I feel like my thighs around my knees, inside of... 10
tough day Its been such a hard day today, well in reality it wouldn't be described as hard but bulimia takes small problems you have and enlarges them so they... 2
Hard times I have been going though a really hard time lately have relapsed over the weekend and am feeling pretty low :( I was doing so well almost two months... 8
struggling sleeping I've been really struggling with my sleep the past few days, finding myself not being able to get to sleep untill really late hours, then waking up... 2
Just living life and not holding back I'm at college and for months i always used bulimia as a excuse to put my life on hold, including missing days of college when i've had a bad few... 2
Sad today Life just seems too much today, feel sad as I binged last night and struggle with the stress that comes with that. Everything seems bad now. I know... 2
"I love the whole world" <- post binge/purge medicine! It's my day 10 of the BHM, though I just relapsed the second time since joining. For me, at least I'm not doing a daily, hours-long binge/purge...
Help! How can I feel happy and satisfied when full?? One of my struggles with recovery is that I feel most satisfied/ comfortable when I'm empty. I try to eat an appropriate meal then I feel it in my... 2
Role Model HI - Any help here??? I have learned that the only way to teach children is through being a role model. (Our Waldorf school years were a relief to me... 4
letting go of responsibilties to recover hey everyone I know the ebook says try to not take on too much stress well i think i am. I am studying at the moment and i am overseas. I came here... 3
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