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Failure I told myself the day I started recovering I would not allow myself to fail. Typical response we all have wouldn't you think? Years of hiding in the... 4
Exercise and appetite So I've recently taken up running and have found that the day after a long run my appetite goes crazy! I get ridiculously hungry even after my SE... 4
something to think of I was reading the book today and it is interesting and gave me some hope on setting up a plan to rid B/P from my life. I realize that due to my... 3
not feeling guilty after binging Hey just a question... I am not sure where i am at while i am doing this program..i seem to be b/p once a week...its like i cant get past that 7 day... 3
Dealing with hard workouts! Hey, huge success today! Racked up another bp free day! Best part is I'm learning things. I've had a hard time in the past after tough work outs and... 3
my perfect binge purge environment today was not a typical monday for me, i am usually very busy in the office and dont have much time to think at about b/p at all. but instead i had... 1
Need advice on body image while eating normally I was wondering if anybody has any advice on being 'ok' with your body size while eating normally in recovery? I've been following the Bulimia Help... 6
Wanting Roommate to Leave so I can Binge Ugghhh.. has anyone else felt this way? I really enjoy my roommate, she's a great girl. But, sometimes I find myself just wishing she would get the... 3
Weird. moving to a blog
Setting appropriate goals It's hard to decide on a particular goal sometimes - I had a rough couple days and in my head I've got a laundry list of things I should be working... 1
I want to be the girl with the recovery story!! One of the things I always hated the most about this disease was the horrible self loathing, guilt, desperation... just the immersion in negative... 3
How can I admit my natural set point weight? Okay, the body urges has gone. The mind urges are coming back and forth in the evenings. But I found some solutions to it. The problem is: at that... 4
Safety vs Deprivation We know that various forms of deprivation lead to problems. But there's an art to taking care of oneself without pushing the envelope to the point of... 3
Trying hard Yesterday I got stuck without food at the hosipat with a client all day and I couldn't leave. By the time a got home I was starving and nearly... 1
Staying positive Ok...I HAD to blog about 2 days in a row! Ugh! Really? Had a crappy morning. BUT, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and had two fabulous meals... 3
BREAKUP RECOVERY Hi everyone, I have bee away for quiet sometime but since then I've been a mess. I started my recovery 2 months back. It was great start for me at... 4
scary morning day six, i have probably been over eating a little at night time, im usually to busy during the day to have binge urges. and i tend to graze a little... 1
Scared I will mess Up So I am on day 14 of not purging. I have had two binges but managed to keep them down; for some reason I equate throwing up to losing all the good... 1
Help!! How to not eat before 3 hours? How to sleep 8 hours and feel at ease? Hi :)) You will find my questions absurd but well everyone is having different difficulties while recovering, right? I came here a month ago,... 1
Ok, so I'm a crazy person. So, after one month free of a single B/P episode, I have succumbed to the demons of ED. I had 2 bad episodes since Saturday, which on the up side is... 3
Secret Eating? Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has any advice at all...I have this thing about secret eating, if someone leaves the room or if I am left alone at... 3
Learning from mistakes. What's going wrong? Hi! I didn't BP since I joined the program, that was by october... BUT....! When I thought I was practically doing excellent things turned out bad... 5
Weight Gain: I need encouragement and new ideas or help I started this program in early December. I had different results from week to week but kept positive even through the rough moments.I have been... 11
my new motivator Ok - so I have a girls trip to Vegas planned for the beginning of May. These are friends I've had all my life and love me no matter what. But here'... 6
weight and bulimia Hello, I'm Marielle and i'm 5months and a half pregnant. Pregnancy has really totally stopped me purging and restricting. BUT with bulimia i gained... 3
HAVING THE HARDEST TIME ACCEPTING REALITY I am 25. Have been bulimic since I can remember. notably when i was 12 it began. I can remember purging as a child though. Have seen many many many... 1
Having a Serious Fat day/week/month/year Feeling comfortable with my body is half the battle, i cant get to school without fear of my peers judging me. I hate BULIMIA 1
My roommates are sooo domestic I noticed there were several threads related to stealing roommates' food, and I will admit that I have been there. This post is regarding a different... 3
should i stay in siena with friends and be confronted with a 4 course meal or make an excuse and leave early??? hey everyone i need some advice i am going to see my friends in siena tomorrow and like all italian his parents cook foour course dinners and i have... 5
BIG JUMPERS!!!! Ok, So i have this thing. Its called "drown yourself in a jumper and hope people wont notice you" syndrome. Am i an addict? Well, lets just say i... 1
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