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Help! Balancing recovery with life demands/work, and Roommates? Tips for balancing recovery while still managing the demands of work and life? I sometimes wish I could just take a break from responsibilities to... 3
Overcoming evening-sugar URGES Its so easy in the morning. Its really okey during the day. Time of meals is fixed - I can easily wait for the next meal/snack hour. BUT in the... 2
Do you consider yourself recovered from bulimia? If so, please consider participating in a study about our recovery experiences Hello! I've been a member of BHM for almost 2 years and found this to be THE missing piece in my true recovery from bulimia. I'm an American working... 1
Could BHM be helpful even though I also have a history of anorexia? I first found the bulimia help method about a year ago, and I have made some improvements in my life and eating habits through structured eating and... 3
Progress I have been purge free for 15 months now! Crazy! It is good for to write this out because seeing it in writing is so encouraging and is a reminder... 1
Full disclosure : My name , my book , my movie and my THANKS TO YOU Oh guys, I don't even know where to start. And I don't know why it took me so long to write this but here we go. In the last year I did not only...
How to stop overeating when purge free?Thank you for help!! Dear Friends, I quitted purging at christmas last year and am now one month binge and purge free- to my great joy! I want to share this victory,... 6
Recovery day 1 Recovery day 1 Just had a heavy purge and now I'm ready to start a brand new recovery journey through this blog. Wish to have supportive friends or... 2
I keep wishing and thinking that the wish will come true without having to take action I have fallen again. Everyday, I wake up with 2 mindsets. One is that I wonder how long and hope i can go a while before having to binge and the... 2
Stop Purging Gradually?! I am in the program for a couple of weeks now and I decided to stop purging gradually. I have enough of days bg free and than total relapses. I gone... 7
My first week of treatment from bulimia at an eating disorder clinic - what is "normal" weight gain Hi everyone I know we are not to mention numbers, calories or weights in the forum, therefore I will not inform you of my weight or weight gain.... 2
Defining recovery - please offer your perspective Hello ... In my progress to recover from bulimia and for upcoming research I'll be doing on the experience of recovery from bulimia, I realize that... 5
It is woking now, and the first time I really ENJOY my icecream and fried chicken Today is my second day, and I feel great. Yesterday I even came across some event and had free icecream, fried chicken, sandwiches as normal people.... 2
second week I had a very hard time the second week.The binge purge free wasmy downfalll after being too tired, to exhausted and triggerd emotionally. After... 3
11 days then i binged and purged I had been fighting so hard and now I feel bulimia has won again. I had a crisis yesterday and today - I suffer from borderline personality disorder... 3
Recovery reached. I am free. Today, I find myself free. For the past 4 months, I have started to live my life and be present with my family, friends, and self. I found myself in... 1
Rumination Syndrome Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this?
VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Hi Guys my name is Coral, I´m mexican and have been following BHM for some time now. I love this work, work it has helped me tremendosuly. I have 2...
already obese and worried about weight gain in recovery please help! ! Hi there just new to this site and im very worried that as im already classed as obese im really worried that im going to gain stacks more weight and... 5
Can you be "Cured" of an ED or do you have manage it for the rest of your life This is a general question. I went to my doctor the other day, as I told him my bingeing was getting worse. He made a comment that an eating... 4
Oh hey... Welp....I have had the worst year every I wanted to get active on this site...but I will be honest. The eating every three hell for me.... 1
overwhelmed and so lonely with this I'm tired of being so lonely with this. just moved to a new area, everything is new, trying to communicaet with people which is pretty challenging.... 2
3 square meals vs eating every 3 hours I would like some advice on SE. Currently I'm trying to eat 3 square meals a day (it works great once I get into routine of it), but everywhere,... 8
First day free of B/P So today was my first day free of B and P, hopefully today will be the second!! 1
Brain Over Binge My health coach Pauline did this wonderful interview with Kathryn Hansen, author of "Brain Over Binge". Both are recovered Bulimics. I found it so... 1
Slipping Hi everyone, I used this method last year to recover as well as one on one coaching and it helped me a lot. Now I have found myself in a new job with...
Bloat Hello everyone, I know we have all spoken about this topic a lot but id like to refresh in my mind about the 'recovery bloat'. I am again fully... 5
FREE Recovery Course Hi everyone, I am so excited that our recovery course is free for everyone to enjoy. Please help us promote it, I want to start a revolution against...
No more secret life I'm day 44 today, no purging and no going back, well, I'm determined that be true. I don't have a double life any more, I'm just me. Slightly damaged... 2
Alcohol abuse and bulimia I don't know if this is the proper forum to post this subject matter in, but I'm wondering if anybody has had trouble with bulimia paired with... 5
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