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Is this progress? I started about six days ago into my recovery process. Day one of my recovery I did great, I felt great, and I was determined! That lasted though... 3
Still b/p Okay... so I've been here since the beginning of October and I'm still b/ping. I mean... not regularly. When I started I was at 1-3 times per day,... 3
depression, a hurdle and a half to recovery Does anyone else find that being depressed makes it difficult to stop bingeing? It's like: 'even if I don't binge today, what will I do instead?' Any... 5
Oh Help Me Please Help me. I've been bulimic for 11 years, my 11 year anniversary is next week. I can't stop. My teeth are falling apart. I'm either or depressed or... 18
Anyone up for a day by day challenge? Hey there! The best I have ever done in recovery this time around is when I had a friend (from here) that I corresponded with daily to keep each... 11
Back to binge/purge Hello all, I hope that you are all doing well in your recovery. I, have recently relapsed and have been binging and purging once a week. I am... 2
Relapse Hi guys! Yesterday I think I may have made the best decision of my life presently, and that is to start this program on my own funds and find the... 2
Whole body bloating I'm 13 days without purging, aside from one time purging fluids, not food though, but I'm now suffering horrible whole body bloating. My stomach is... 3
Should I see a family doctor? Hi, I have been binge/purge free for almost 10 months now, the longest I've gone in years, have been bulimic 12 years. I've seen my psychiatrist and...
Please le this be recovery So I think it's probably been a year since my last post. I have been bulimic for over 10 years and in the last few years I have become so angry at... 1
13 months purge free Hi everybody its been a long time since i have posted anything, because i felt that i could do it on my own, and I have made it. it has been a long... 2
Recovery set back after setback Please can someone help me with some advice? I am struggling to maintain a small and often approach to food. I am bingeing regularly. What kind of... 2
Acne in recovery Has anyone else experienced minor acne in recovery? I never used to get pimples and for some reason I've had a few pop up recently. Is it a change in... 1
My testimony. SE will get you there, sooner or later! I am going through a great time recovery wise. I have been surprised by recent changes i want to share with you. It´s been 1 year and 10 months in... 9
Giving up smoking Hi, I gave up smoking recently and have found my b/p cycle has returned and become routine. I have given up smoking to become healthier, but i feel... 8
Feeling really swollen and bloated :( I did my first full day of no purging, but was so hungry I ate loads. It was all healthy food, fruit and muisli, quinoa, salad and boiled eggs then... 6
Brain Over Binge Book Have any of you read the Brain Over Binge book that was suggested in the BHM? I am almost finished reading it and feel it makes so much sense with... 7
My Personal Secret to Recovery Hi Everybody, First, I would just like to express how much this blog has helped me over the last year. It was the best money I've ever spent, simply... 3
positive, motivational recovery thread! Hey, I know recovery is all about fighting through the up and downs so thought I'd start a motivational thread to help us all through those tough... 17
High Iron levels??? Hello. So I've been BP free for 25 days today!:) Yes, this makes me extremely proud and somewhat surprised I've done so well. I feel good, a bit...
anyone with experience of CBT? Hi....just wondering if anyone has had experience with cbt and how they found it? I've just started with a therapist and struggling with some of the... 16
I'm back with help Hey guys, So here is my insight in to recovery - this site was incredible and I owe almost all my recovery to what I learnt here. But I have learnt... 5
Binging at night!! Please help!! I need help! I have increases my food plan but I can't stop binging at night!! For example last night I had pizza and had three slices. I was hungry... 2
weight gain in recovery? HI all... I am brand new here and being referred to a treatment clinic for ED (eating disorder inpatient unit) I am Anorexic with B/P cycles.... 6
That bulimia fact is a bunch of crap Does anybody else who's into the recovery process feel like the whole "you weight won't spiral out of control" bit is a load of... 9
Cutting Back on Exercise I'm sure I'm not alone, but I am having trouble/anxiety on cutting back on my over exercising tendencies. I have been trying to take more days off to... 4
finding recovery too difficult as an Aupair :/ So im an aupair but i live in a seperate house to the family but I feel like I i can't recover whilst being an aupair here but I don't want to go... 2
Exercise My doctor tells me that I cannot do any exercise at all due to the health of my heart. I don't agree but did take some time out. It has been over 3... 2
Help! I've just joined the site although I've been trying to recover from the second I realised I had bulimia (under two years ago so not that long) but I'... 1
Juice Fast? I've been reading about juice fasts, and I'm considering trying one. On the one hand, I know it's a form of restriction. On the other, I have had... 6
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