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3 days in So i am officially 3 days in without b/p. Can't remember the last time, if ever, that has happened. I am feeling a little discouraged with the... 2
Skype ? Lets help one another easier. Anyone has skype ? Would love to recover tgt asap... Do add me.. 1
My Story - A newer perspective Well, I am 33, I had not realised what a huge focus food was & control of food, both for myself & my family until it got really really bad...
Feeling sick; body not used to keeping food in ???? I went to a dinner over the weekend and although I ate a lot, I noticed the people around me and it was no more than they ate. I didnt feel bad... 3
Can your set point weight really be underweight? I know this site doesn't like weight related topics etc, which I fully support. But I'm con fussed/ curious. Since starting recovery I have gained... 5
What do you think about this? 'It is important to emphasize that following the months of refeeding, the Minnesota volunteers did not skyrocket into obesity. On the average, they... 3
Hot Topic: Is Bulimia a mental illness? Ok, I know I am very much going against the grain here and I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I honestly firmly believe that bulimia... 32
looking for recovery friend in Aus I have seen many posts on here from people in Australia wanting a recovery buddy. If anyone is still up for a chat, I could really do with some... 1
Support buddies in Sydney & Australia Hi guys :) I'm 5 weeks into my first attempt at recovery after being bulimic for at least 7 years. I'm struggling a bit and would love to be able to... 2
Am i wasting my time trying to maintain/lose whilst trying to recover? Before the point where my bulimia came back full-throttle (probably around 4 months ago) i was at a weight which i was happy to maintain after years... 11
Heart question - sorry if this was a post Well, i'm in the beginning of recovery (for real this time) I'm doing better (not great!) at my progress. The past week i've been having chest pain (... 5
My first post Hi All I have been bullimic since the age of 12, Im now 25. Im finally going to get help from my local hospital as an outpatient! Its taken a YEAR... 1
'Cause My Days Are Numbered Too All I'm thinking of right now is throwing up for the mere fuck of it. I haven't eaten for a while, my stomach is upset and empty, I have no appetite...
Tempted! Help I'm kinda tempted to purge right now. Someone help me!!! 1
When does puffy face go away? Ever since I stopped purging, my face has been even puffier than it was. My guess is my body doesn't know how to handle and process water. Even the... 10
The book that changed my life Hey guys, I'm just writing to recommend a fantastic book. It's called 'Optimum Nutrition for the Mind' by Patrick Holford, Piatkus Books 2003. My... 2
Nearly six months in recovery, but in trouble... I am almost afraid to post this in case I alarm anyone trying to recover. So I will stress that I was bulimic for a long long time, 20 years, and... 8
Anyone else see it this way sometimes? We all know, regardless of the stage of recovery that we may be in, from the first thought to getting better at the start, to the completion of... 7
Tricks to get yourself to drink more water? I know I'm dehydrated, but I associate drinking water with my anorexic days, when I would drink about 2 gallons per day. Any tricks for making it fun... 4
Trying to recover while in major depression Whether eating disorders cause depression or depression causes disordered eating to try to cope, what has been peoples experiences with trying to... 5
Do you ever feel like deep down you don't really want to recover because you fear the consequences? I do want to get better and not have eating disorders rule my life anymore, but some days I think about what might happen if I do get better (i.e.... 4
Please I need a piece of advice! I really need help on my situation right now coz I dont know what to do. I have been good for about 3 months. I have been eating enough, sometimes... 1
DAY 176 - I feel ive recovered Hi there! Its been over a month since I have last posted something (I used to post daily until I reached Day100 - I found that helped) so I really... 6
In trouble, constant heartburn after lapsing Hi guys, I was (and am) doing really really well, got to 138 days in recovery. But treatment I am having for a medical issue took a set back, which... 1
Is purging more dangerous than bingeing? I am in a programme for recovery and doing really well, but I find that about every two weeks or so, I have to have a really big meal, like a small... 3
Starting over. Sooo, around a month ago, I went to a sports camp. I didn't purge once during that time. I was the happiest person ever and I felt like I was... 3
Working out tips I have a question... are there any guidelines for listening to our bodies when it comes to exercise?? I tend to only want to exercise if it means I... 4
Does your period even return? Hiya, I know this is mentioned on here quite a bit, but it is really worrying me so I thought I would start up a new forum about it for people to... 2
Letter to my mom... I can't take this life anymore and I have decided to confide in my mom... This is the letter I am thinking of giving to her... Please tell me what... 2
Recovery- Medication I just started taking Topamax May 2nd.... and I was soooo nervous at 1st because I heard about a jillion bad side effects it can cause.... but all i... 4
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