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Fresh new (weekly) Starts Good Morning Lovelies, Monday always makes me feel like I should start of a great powerful recovery week. Wondering what you all do as a kick off to... 1
What is the cheapest treatment center in the US? I don't want to break my parents, but they told me that the next time I get critical potassium levels, I will have to go. Does anyone know of the...
How exactly does this work??? researching and confused... I have been researching a lot about calorie absorption and bloat, etc.. and my findings are not lining up. Initially I just wanted to know why if a b... 5
Bloating!!!!!! I am so bloated i feel so disgusting!!!!!! Does anyone have any GI problems? I have irritable bowel syndrome with constipation - so bloating comes so... 1
Coping & smoking Hi I am on my path to recovery - though I have my good days, I know there will be some bad ones. There will be days that I just give in to the urge... 4
Guided Eating I love the guided eating audio. It is honestly helping me become more in tune with my hunger than I have ever been.. ever. It is one of the KEY parts... 5
WOW... really scary.... a little funny? So ever since my Uncle passed away 2 weeks ago I have been slipping up like every other day. I can feel myself falling into the trap of restricting... 3
Bloating during early recovery - can you explain what it is? I'm in the early stages of recovery, eating well, but am feeling bloated, even though the scales aren't actually reading any higher than they were... 5
Costochondritis Initially, I thought post-bulimia GERD and/or an ulcer were the sole culprits behind the constant, sharp shooting pain on the left side of my chest,... 5
Dealing with the Reason...? I've been thinking over the few weeks of recovery of what put me where I am... And I know that my current bf of almost 2 years has been the biggest... 11
Weight gain during early recovery (I hope this is not triggering) Hey guys, I hope this is not triggering for anyone... I just need some advice....... I am wondering if those who are further along in the recovery... 2
How many times a week? How many times a week do you binge on average? Please tell me this becomes easier over time! Thanks. 9
gastroenterologists-Bulimia I'm having major digestive problems. Major cramping and abdominal pain. It's really bad and it's been over a year that I haven't thrown up. Are... 4
What's a change you have successfully made in your recovery process? I think we've all succeeded on some level in our walk towards recovery. We should acknowledge our successes sometimes, don't you think? I have... 1
Binging during recovery Does anyone else binge even on days they eat fairly well? I havent purged in a couple weeks and now i am panicking that i am becoming a binge eater... 5
Alternative Has any alternative forms of therapy worked for you? I am getting desperate? I have talked myself to dealth with CBT. I have no deep rooted issues I... 1
How do/did you deal with weight gain - from very underweight to a healthy weight? I haven't gained a significant amount since I began recovery, but I know that over time I will more than likely put on enough weight to hide the... 4
Hypnosis Does anybody have any hypnosis tracks for overcoming bulimia? I have heard that reaching the subconscious mind is the key to overcoming bulimia. I...
Fake Nails?? Has anyone tried using fake nails/ acrylic nails as a way to not purge?? 3
Relying too much on other people..? I made the decision today to put my name on the list for inpatient treatment. After doing so, I felt hopeful and encouraged about what I had done for... 3
Moving out Hello all! I was considering moving into my own flat because I feel like I need a little independance :) I was wondering if anyone here found that... 8
recovery buddy Hi, is anyone interested in regular communication... daily or weekly check-in, for support, encouragement, suggestions? I'm 39, bulimic since my 20'...
What are your motivations for recovery? What are your motivations to recover? Even if you feel like you have no motivation to recover, you do. If you didn't you would not be on this... 4
Honoring your hunger ~> Honoring urge to Binge? They all say to honor your hunger. Normal eaters honor their hunger and fullness. We all spend a good amount of time in recovery fighting the urge... 10
Overeating Hi, everybody! I really need some help and support here. After going on and off of recovery I have put on a lot of weight, guess that is just coz my... 7
Food obsession during recovery Does anyone else feel like this? I have noticed that although I am doing really well in recovery (over a month) I am still thinking about food a lot... 3
Recovery and weightloss, is it possible? so, I've been in 'recovery' for quite some time now... my question to all you others going through this disease is, 1. do you think it's possible to... 11
The puffiness in my face is gone! I've been in recovery mode since fen. 28th so today is 10 days with one relapse on day 6. Looked in the mirror the other day andcreakuzed my face was... 1
How exactly is not purging after a binge beneficial? Okay so everyone says that after binging DON'T PURGE... But why? I mean why make yourself suffer through the anxiety after a binge? You already... 10
I feel a binge coming on - ideas please...please Its Day 100 and its my third post of the day! I am really losing it this week - down in the dumps, really tired and just want the world to go away (... 3
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