Recovery from bulimia

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Which meal is the hardest for you? (and what do you do?) For me it varies. *Tonight is was dinner... Because I worry: it's the end of the day and you had all those calories! Where are they going to go? I... 10
Eating Disorder counselor or dietician specializing in eating disorders? I'm thinking about going to someone to help me stay on track, but I do't know which is a better idea. I think it would be nice to see a dietician...
What is restriction? Is restriction eating too few calories? Have you got to want the extra calories and deprive yourself? If you've eating too few calories but aren't... 3
NEED HELP - It's too bad :( Hi my name is Angela and I just joined this site. I'm on day 5 and I have NOT stopped binging and purging even though everything I read here makes... 7
Please help, I feel so sick Please help me if you have any advice. I have been goin better and better. But for the last 5-6 days I am on antibiotic and I b/p everyday. Today was... 3
neck and throat/esophagus? Hey guys, I really need your help/advice/comments.. I’ve noticed you can really see the veins and tubes in my neck.. like right where my collar bone...
First Post I have been a member here for quite awhile, though this is my first post. I feel I need to finally get out what I'm feeling because I know I can't be... 3
What is your definition of recovery? I am wondering if people have their own personal definitions of what the consider "recovery" is? For example, proffesionals may take note of... 9
"Sponser" a good idea? Is the AA idea of a sponser a good idea? To be able to have someone to help you through? My family and friends do not understand and I sometimes get... 4
What helps you get back on track when you have fallen off? Would love to hear some strategies..... 10
Purge Free but not Overeating Free - Suggestions? Good Day! I have been purge free for nearly 90 days now (really proud!) but this damn overeating just wont go away. Its not a full blown binge, but... 13
Are we thinking too much? Yesterday, when I SLIPPED UP, in spite of my positive attitude and efforts I went so ANGRY! I was thinking 'Why should it be sooo hard, we have to... 1
tonight I don't care I was so determined. Tonight I blew it and the thing is I don't care. I binged, I purged. I had a great old pity party, my birthday was today and I... 1
Day 84 - Feel like giving up sometimes I've been having a rough few days and finding it hard to stay upbeat. I can safely say I will never ever purge again and I really feel that I am... 3
It is so hard sometimes! Pls help! Hey, girls! I just wanted to ask what each if you does when they feel like they are just about to b/p. I have those moments coz i m just the 9th day... 3
Day 1 or day 10? Hey girls. I need help again. After 9 days b/p free i slipped and b/p-ed last evening once. I am praying that I could finally leave this disorder is...
Did not know it was all link to bulimia I have been bulimic for 16 years now. I am 33. This is the first time I have ever admitted it or tried to seek help. I know that I need to speak to... 7
sent away for recovery? have ever of you ever been sent away for recovery ? would you recommend it ? 5
weight issue during recovery Hey there, beautiful girls! I am so glad you are all here and fighting the problem! It's amazing and so inspiring! I haven't visited the site... 11
FLIP REVERSE!!!! I have been so negative and depressed for the past few weeks. I have gained weight that even my 'fat' trousers are getting tight! I am fed up and... 14
IMPORTANT music Please listen to this song. It has given me strength and hope when I need it. Please copy this link: 2
physical and mental improvements since starting recovery- pls add! Right, so I thought I'd make a note of all the physical improvements i've been notincing since I started recovery and thought maybe everyone could... 4
Day 80 Around the World in 80 Days! So its been 80 days since I last purged and I can say I have had under 10 binges. I feel good, my skins improved, my... 6
Recovery okay in the recovery tips box it said this: Judge recovery progress on normalizing eating habits and listening to your body. Not how long it has been... 3
Day 73 Its Day 73 and I feel great. So good that I keep forgetting to post my daily updates. I am actually beginning to forget about this ED. I still think... 2
What was your trigger for recovery? For those of you who have recovered or are well on your way, could you share what was the trigger for recovery? Was it like a switch in your head?... 9
Well it's been 86 days with no b/p! I honestly can't believe it's been this long already! I feel amazing and I'm sooo glad I decided to recover. I had been bulimic for 4 years. At this... 18
a year into recovery I am now a year into recovery frr from bulimia:) i never want to go back there and the freedom is unbelieveable. I still have the symptoms though. I...
books has anyone read any good books that they feel have helped them in any way in regards to their eating disorder? i was thinking of buying the book '... 5
No such thing as "back to square one"!! So I have noticed soooo many posts on this site dealing with keeping track of time since last b/p. I do not think this is bad in itself, as long as... 2
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The information provided in this website is for information purposes only. The information on this website is NOT a substitute for proper diagnosis, treatment or the provision of advice by an appropriate health professional. Please refer to the full disclaimer and copyright. If you do think you might suffer from an eating disorder, it is important that you talk to your General Practitioner, as there are many physical complications that can arise from being at an unhealthily low weight or from losing weight very quickly, or from purging. We advise you to seek professional help with working on an eating disorder.


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