Recovery from bulimia

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Set Point? How do I know what my set point is? 1
Bulimia Fact: Purging doesn't work So I totally get that these steps take time, but fact is this first one is a doozy. I mean, purging can't be pointless right?? We purge to rid... 5
Achievers out there Statistically, bulimics are high achievers in their communities and personal lives. I think it would be a good self-esteem booster for everyone to... 1
Numbers, sizes, weight It's reallly difficult for me to think and act healthy when people post weights and sizes and changes in exact numbers. This site, I feel, is... 21
So if I over exercise woud that be a relapse? In A.A. (my mom's in) and in N.A.(my sister's in) there is relapsing.. which is if they drink or use. that is a relapse.. but in EDA(i'm in) what... 4
Coping mechanisms Hey guys, I was just wondering if any one had any ideas for coping mechanisms that dont involve bulimia. it is my main way of coping with any... 1
Introducing too many forbidden foods too quickly? I think I may have just introduced too many previously forbidden foods way too fast. Today is a hard day. I was starting to eat similar things each... 5
Sick and Tired of culture/media/society's ideal body At the beg. of my disorder was a combination of family pressure and a large part was the crazy bombardment of culture and society, media, pictures,... 7
MYTH: Anyone can weigh what he or she wants as long as they diet and exercise hard enough Contrary to popular belief, one of the strongest determinates of healthy body weight is our genetic code that was configured in the womb.  We can... 6
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