Recovery from bulimia

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How do you guys avoid binging/emotional eating? How to you guys deal with avoiding a binge. I feel like I aim to make myself feel stuff to get rid of my hunger and then I purge since my stomach is... 2
Struggling with Weight/ Body Image while Recovering Hi all, This is my first post. I have been on the website, reading the helpful articles for a while but just bought the "e book" last week. Basically... 3
12 step recovery Has anyone been through any 12 step programs for their ED? I currently attend 1 OA meeting a week and tonight I'm starting one of the 12 step... 4
Feeling down! So I've been feeling rele down since coming back from travelling. I have a history of depression and can feel myself falling back into the trap. I... 2
relapsing after 7 months w/o b/ping Right now I'm feeling hopeless. I've been b/ping this week after going 7 months without a single b/p. I feel like I"m starting at square one and... 2
Really scared!! I'm in my third day of recovery it's going already starting to feel bloated and my body seems to Be retaining fluid and I'm Starting to feel... 3
Advice about getting back on track? Hi all, So six weeks things were going really well - I was eating better than I ever have, training in kickboxing and getting fit and healthy and...
Lite 'n' Easy So I'm fat eating like crazy and feel reallly shit at the moment... Im overweight and i need to lose weight for my health, im sick of people not... 1
What am I doing wrong? Hi everyone. I'm on here because my self concept is all warped and basically I cannot trust how I am thinking right now. I started this over 6 weeks...
Rehab Hi everyone, I need some serious tips, Past few months my binging has gone worse, and i have also started drinking a lot and getting suicidal...
Recovery sweatpants What do people think about wearing big sweatpants during recovery. The bloated stomach and weight gain is very triggering for me, especially when I'm... 2
Body changes Hi, I am doing pretty well in recovery at the moment, 48 days with no bp. However, I have gained weight, lost muscle tone, and generally have the... 4
Hope Today is my 47th "abstinent" day from bulimia and bulimic behaviors. I have been examining my life and realized that I have wasted so much of my life... 4
Recovery relapse Hi everyone, I have been following this site for quite sometime. But now I think it's time I share what's going on with me. I have been in recovery... 5
High intensity exercise in the mornings Hi, I have always enjoyed rather intense workout outs and have just started crossfit which I love. But one thing I am noticing is that if I do my... 9
Hot Flushes or heat in the body after eating? I think I'm slowly recovering but I'm not too sure. Does anyone ever experience heat/a wave of hotness in their body/chest area? I think I'm noticing... 1
Binging, still... So, I'm doing GREAT in that I'm not purging, but I am having the hardest time controlling my binges. I'm a teacher and about to return to school... 4
Maaaany questions about bloating I read somewhere that the average duration is six weeks, but can range anywhere from two weeks to more than ten weeks. What's the longest that... 23
Anyone from turkey?. Hey there! If you are a bulimic and live in turkey, you sould know what i mean when i say i ell really lonely.. I do think tha noone truely...
4 days in a row with no b/p! I'm so excited! I've been following SE and working with Coach Catherine for almost 4 weeks now, and seeing lots of improvements. Before I was binging...
Slipped Just started this bulimia recovery method from last Thursday, it took me about a month to decide to give it a go. So was binge free for almost 6 days... 5
4 and half months hi everyone just an update, i am surprisingly doing well, despite having had two bouts of the flu and a sprained neck. i have almost got the binges... 5
Been B/P Free!!! Hey all just had to say I have been B/P Free for 2 weeks going strong now !! I also just graduated High School never thought I would make it with my... 7
food addiction!! i just read a book called "food addiction: the body knows." the author, kay sheppard, says that bulimics have a biochemical disorder in their body... 7
Side effects of recovery Hey so I have not been on in a while and for that I apologize, I really felt I needed a break to just work by myself. Anyhow I am almost on 30 days... 1
Skin When I b/p, I have gotten into the habit of alternating binging with standing in front of the mirror and picking my skin, leaving huge holes on my...
Recovery Buddy Needed Hi Everyone- I've been making major strides in recovery, started a structured eating plan BUT I would love a buddy to check on with. I go a week,... 4
The whole 'set point' weight thing, baby weight and much confusion. I had anorexia for 13 years before recovering and reaching a healthy BMI. I then fell pregnant immediately. I gained a LOT of weight during pregnancy... 1
help! am i crazy? I want to recover and as much as I try I dont find support towards my family. I now it is something I have to deal alone with but sometimes a little... 1
Bloating but still purging? Hello I had a question that I am hoping someone knows the answer to. I had been doind better (minus yesterday) and went down from about 6+ B/P's in a...
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