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Hair loss in recovery??? Hey, All! So, I never really had a huge issue with hair loss during my time with Bulimia. It was drier and more prone to split ends, but wouldn't... 14
>>What are you looking foreward to the most when you recover? Hey guys! :) Lets make a list of all the things that we will gain/get rid of once we recover!! I want to start this day off with some good motivation. 7
Upset stomach in recovery?! OK, so this is a really gross topic to bring up and I apologise, but I keep getting bouts of an upset stomach (not vomiting...the other thing) and I'... 4
Great Read Helped me out alot give it a try! Hello everyone im new to the site but I ordered a Book titled " Bulimia Guide to Recovery" by Lindsey Hall and Leigh Cohn this book has changed my...
medication This is my second post in one night! Sorry! Anyone been prescribed medication to help with their eating disorder? It has been recommended that I... 5
thoughts today I am starting to realize that it is all a mental game. I realize that I have used bulimia as a crutch for the last 4 years, using it as my go to for...
hi hi ... i just joined here.... i really have no idea of how to get support here pleasee help 2
Weight Gain Ok, I've been doing great on the recovery path (ever since reading "Brain Over Binge." In the midst of week 6 now since my last B/P. I have still... 1
Things That Help - My Service Dog I am new to and the Bulimia Help Method, but I am really happy about things so far. A little about me, then I'd like to hear about... 3
Bloat I know that Bloating is all a part of recovery but that does not make it any easier. I am on my second try to recover and I am about a week and a... 3
Giving up laxatives... Hey everyone, I just wanted to post on here today, because I've been abusing laxatives for the last 2 and half years, every single day. Two days ago...
London??? Hi Guys!! Is there anyone in the London area that would like to meet up as a form of support for each other.. Just throwing it out there.. xx 23
Three weeks in! So far so good! I started recovery exactly three weeks ago, and I am starting to feel so much better. I have had three weeks no b/p, but not without...
Does thin hair ever regain strength and fullness? And when? Hi all, So after years of bulimia I have extremely thin hair and am hoping at some stage during recovery it will thicken and start to look a lot... 3
Swollen face! Today has been a strange day as my face has been really swollen all day. It is actually a bit scary and it must be the water retention people are... 6
Advice I am looking for advice. I do want to recover and have a life without my eating disorder but at the same time it is all I know. I can get through the... 5
doing well hi everyone just wanting to expand on my post yesterday. i just want people to know that even though i am having great success with bulimia help. it... 2
Please I need an answer. I worry it very much Hi! My name is Nan. I am not English speaker, but please I need your help. I’m 23 years old now. I have had Bulimia since I was 14 years old & I... 1
Not writing a structured eating plan I'm on a structured eating plan which involves me having 3 meals and snacks and 3 hours max apart like normal, but i don't plan what i'm going to eat... 4
Mothers Hello! I was thinking about trying to start a group of mothers in recovery! Anyone else want to be a part of this? I always feel such a strong... 9
Overeating : ( I'm hoping someone can help....I'm only on day 7 of recovery and I'm sure everyone else is far ahead of me. But I am feeling just discusting, bloated... 3
Structured Eating Hi everyone, Im new on here and just finished reading the bulimiahelp book. It mentions alot about structured eating being key, does anyone know how... 6
A bad few days That's all really. Just a really bad few days, with food, the gym, work, people, me, everything.
Finally got around to seeing a nutritionist It was easily the best thing I could have done. It was pricey - About 250 - But I was amazed at just how much more I needed to be eating during the...
REPLACE BULIMIA instead of sitting on your computer or phone for hours looking at the same thing - browsing social networks, researching other peoples recovery... 2
SDO as well as SE...(Structured Day Off) I am finding that I need to have my day off generally planned out like I have my SE generally planned out. I do have flexability with both as my day... 4
ask yourself, what really is your urge? when you finally realize your urge you have isn't really a urge to binge..its a urge for something else, thats when it gets tricky because its not... 1
Quitting smoking - Bad idea? Has anyone done this? I'm really keen to quit smoking, but am terrified that it will send my recovery into turmoil. Has anyone quit smoking while... 5
No idea how "normal" people eat Hey all, I've been meaning to jon the program for a while and have just managed to get the cash for it so hopefully this helps :) I'm not sure if... 5
SAY BYE. Don't think its inevitable you're going to relapse, binge, purge when being free of B/P for a day, week, month, year I really need to not think that it is inevitable i'm going to have slips and relapses any longer! i've had enough slips and relapses now to last a... 4
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