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Structured eating and excercise Hey guys, I have a query about structured eating and was wondering what anyone else does if this is an issue. I joined a gym recently to start... 3
Binging So I am really struggling with my binge urges. I have overcome my exercise addiction and have been able to eat foods other then my "safe foods"... 4
coaching simulation I was checking out the coaching option and noted that it has a couple main components; goal setting, progress evaluations and discussion sessions. I... 12
feeling sluggish this morning i couldnt get up when my alarm went off, i hit the snooze button four times, i have got sero energy, i was really constipated over the... 4
Weight gain I've been in recovery for bulimia for 6 weeks and 2 days. Yes, I do try NOT to count the days. During this time, I have only binged once so I haven... 12
HELP! SEVERE constipation that won't ease up..... Having been bulimic for 10 years, I have now been recovered for nearly 6 months. As happy as I am with myself, I can't for the life of me go to the... 5
Sore Esophagus for how long? I have been purge free for one whole week!!! Yay! This is the longest I ever been purge free with the exception of my two pregnancies. I have been a... 9
bloating - studies?? HI, Has anyone seen any studies related to recovery bloating? I just wonder what exactly makes us bloat, and why so much in the belly. It is so... 4
Difficult?? Why is this hard? I moved from SE of anything that I like to a meal plan on SUnday. THis was a big step- but it seems so natural now. I made a nice 3...
Bloat - temp relief! I did a big poo - only 4 months pregnant belly now! ;-) 3
Save grazing food for next se! Made it to 10am. Wonderfully delicious breakfast, some morning yoga. Then I made breakfast for my kids and really wanted to finish what they didn't... 4
The fox needs help... Ok, I'm decent at giving advice. Now I need some. I'm in the first 2 months of recovery. I do have hope for the first time in 17 years. I'm not... 15
Hoping for a turning point... Made it through the weekend pretty well. No BP on Friday (a whole day is still HUGE for me), saturday kind of sucked (was too tired after being so...
Did I develope food intolerance? - ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (I need your advice) Hello Everyone, This question has been occupying my mind too much since I started recovery here. 4 months ago before I came here, I have... 4
foodie "gift" baskets in hotels I was on a business trip recently, and the organization put me up in a fairly nice hotel - not super luxurious, but nice. When I checked in, the... 5
PROBIOTC? Hi All !! Has anyone tried probiotic? I've read they are great hydrating your body and good for digestive system. I have been in recovery for a while... 2
swollen all over What is with my whole body being swollen? I took my socks off tonight and there were intesne imprints. Everyhing I wear makes my skin have marks. It'... 1
some updates Just wanted to share some recovery updates here, since I have been seeing a nutritionist - two times now. I need to get my structured eating plan... 4
When to stop purging? I know the book says very strictly that purging is no good for us and it doesn´t help us to recover. However, even before I started this program, I... 1
Day 4 I am starting Day 4. It's been a tough couple of days, but have successfully squashed the urges to binge/purge. After 11 years, I have to believe... 3
Don't get complacent I need to remain focused and vigilent. I have some success, then start to feel like 'I've totally got this." That's when I fail. I've got to stay... 2
Why so tired? I'm on a fairly good stretch of good behaviour. Eating well, following all the rules laid out by the book and my nutritionist, I should rattle when... 1
God I was thinking and Im just curious, does anyone on here believe in God? I'm not talking about being religious or anything, but just believing that... 15
Tip that helps me keep going... At this point in recovery (a month in B/P free) one of my biggest challenges is not freaking out about tight clothes. I bought a waistband stretcher... 10
Am I going Backwards???? Hello Everyone, I have not been active for quite some time as I was out of town for about a week attending a wedding. its my 5th week into recovery,... 5
Changes in hair/skin/nails during recovery So I'm just finishing up my third week of recovery (purge-free!) and apart from a little extra weight that I perceive around my midsection I feel... 2
Anyone back on track after a single b/p? Ok... long story short... I have never managed to keep on track after a single, even mini b/p episode... that must be my new challenge, any tips? 5
Chronic dehydration due to b/p! Hello! I am a few days into recovery and have noticed something potentially encouraging for those looking at recovery: my hydration levels completely... 4
I think overeating is O.K.!!! So here is my thinking - please let me know if anyone disagrees with me. I had been doing SE for a while, and I kept failing. I took an honest look... 11
physical symptoms?? Heys guys I just wanted to ask a few questions. I am on day 3 of being B/P free and following the structured eating. I wanted to ask if anyone gets... 4
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