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to count, or not to count? I've been posting a lot lately, but getting advice from people who have made it past where I am is so encouraging. It helps just knowing that you... 11
Energy Pills??? Hi Guys! I have been in recovery with some B/P relapses for over a week, bloating is still there and constipation but I feel very good with lots of... 4
Binge distraction Hi all! I would love to have some advice, what do you guys do when you have a binge urge? When you have to be at home, computer and used to be eating... 3
How to handle my nutritionist? It took me a while to find this site and finally realize the truth about my bulimia. For years I have been in therapy and practicing traditional... 2
feeling very strange!!! Hi Guys Im coming to the end of my 3rd B/P free day. I have been feeling really strange today, I felt so sick last night, nauseous and shaky. All day... 5
Weight Stabilisation after Recovery Hi all, I signed up to this site about 3 years ago but only really joined 4 weeks ago - I've been bulimic for 6 years, and have been b/p free for 3... 8
a story from the other side of recovery Hi everyone, I have been recovered for a couple years now, and I realize how important it is for me to offer help, so I don't take my good fortune... 13
Recovery is hard! Ok..... after some time dealing with Bulimia... I knew it was going to be VERY psychologically draining to fully commit to recovery. I knew I would... 1
Holding on in tough times Today is my first day following structured eating and the bulimia help method. I am 31yrs old and have battled this binge eating disorder since I was... 2
Help.. what do I do??? Hi Guys Okay so, I've been on this site for a while. The usual pattern is, I B/P, feel awful, then do 'okay' for a few days (by 'okay' I mean not... 4
Fatigue Has anyone else experienced extreme fatigue while in the first month of recovery? I have been so incredibly sleepy - even after a full nights rest... 9
Physical symptoms in bulimia recovery - bloating etc I'm at four weeks mostly b/p free now, after 8 years or so of anorexia, then severe bulimia. I see a dietician, a GP and a CBT psychologist as my... 11
Other Books I recently posted about how helpful "The Diet Cure" was in helping me balance nutrition and blood sugar levels. For books about changing our...
Boyfriend does not know- advice? Hi there. I was bulimic for 8 years before I came out to my family and eventually friends. Letting everyone know enabled me to recover on my own for... 5
Skeptical Hi everyone, I began recovery last Monday. I binged once but did not purge, on the first day. Every day has gotten better, but the negative self talk... 4
The Book: Life Without Ed Has anybody read the book: Life Without Ed by Jenni Schaefer? I'm a little over halfway through it and while I kind of enjoy reading it, I'm... 3
what to expect after relapse ? hi all ! i had 2 slips during Christmas, 48 h away from each other. It was a looong time i did not BP with such few days of interval and today, after... 7
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First Step? Hey! I'm looking for tips on how to take the first step towards full recovery. I've been off and on for years now between bulimia, binging and... 1
Frustrated I just found this site today when I was in the middle of a binge. I realize that my life looks great from the outside and all the while I am hiding... 3
Saw blood for the first time I realize how "lucky" I've been in my years suffering with this thing. I have had no major medical complications nor any rushed trips to the ER. I've... 2
Weight gain & struggled recovery I signed onto bulimia help about 1 month ago but hadn't yet reached out as I have been working with a Dietition & psychologist to get help... 5
6 DAYS bp-free but urge is getting stronger and stronger... Hi guys, Today was my 6th B/P free day in a row! I know its only less than a week but It's my longest B/P free record in a very long time.. I have... 6
2 desserts? Hey everyone, Okay so... Over the past 3 weeks, it has been a VERY bumpy ride.. Not going to go into details but its caused a lot of relapses. Today... 7
Over 3 months and I'm still bloated :-| Hi lovelies! So I've reached the 3 months milestone a few days ago of no b/p. Woo go me! However, despite me eating fairly well , I'm still bloating... 6
Don't want to die Hey everyone, Yesterday was my worst bulimic day I think I have ever experienced. I experienced about 12 triggers in a 2 hour time period, and with... 4
Brain Over Binge, Kathryn Hensen's book. Hi there! Does anybody have 'Brain Over Binge' Kathryn Hensen's book in a pdf format and would be so kind to share it with me? I keep seeing this... 1
Yet another bloating/gas question I've read about everyone's struggles with bloating and I'm not sure whether I am or not. Definitely experiencing gas from certain foods, but I had... 2
guilt, money on food? As regards recovery… I’m not sure why I am ready now, versus before. All these past years. I have to keep ignoring or change the subject but my... 3
how soon did the bloating start? I am 1-week into SE. Not sure that the first 5-6 days really count as I had a couple B and one P, not totally structured. Now I am getting used to... 1
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