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amazing success with trigger food I am not sure, what this means or signifies...I should not read too much into it, maybe? But last night I was so amazed. I don't know how on earth it... 4
URGES to eat at due time (?) Hi, very busy at work and don't have much time I'm entering 4th week of recovery. No BP until now. I did have a couple of urges not due to hunger,... 13
Eight Frickin' Weeks! Moved this to blog!
Need some strength Hey everyone, so I'm on Day 6 of my abstinence! Woo! I'm very excited but I don't want to get too proud because I know that pride comes before a fall... 2
Bloat comes and goes Hi All, Jut wondering. I had a bad bloat right near the start but it came and went - however from time to time i get really really bunged up and it's... 4
Structured eating My question is whether breaks between meals have to be 2,5-3h? can I have like only 2h break if I feel slightly hungry or should I wait till 3h? thnx 10
3 months and I ve never been bigger Hi guys I know this topic has come up numerous times... I guess I just wanted to write my thoughts down to help me feel better. I joined bulimia... 5
introducing sometimes foods... It is 3 weeks that I am in recovery No BP episodes (for the moment) I used to BP once or twice a week before. (i f i binge i WILL purge afterwards)... 11
exercining in recovery? I wonder whether you guys exercise during recovery and if how much exercise you do? 5
BLOATING! OMG! Ok ok, in a way I love is my body that is healing, and I know it will not be for the rest of my life But on the other side, it makes me... 8
Pregnancy stopped my binge urges After only 2 weeks of this recovery program I already felt my self changing the way I felt about food but it wasn't until this Monday (Oct 1st) that... 2
Recovery on my own? I'm a bit confused whether I can recover without professional help. I need to mention that I did CBT, group therapy, support group and NPL in the... 8
what is my natural setpoint weight? I am new to this forum and very excited about the journey to recovery. I have a question though - how can I find out what my natural setpoint weight... 4
exercise during recovery I quit smoking one month ago. In order to stay away from cigarettes I started again to go running ( I used to in the past, for a couple of years). I... 5
One Month It's been a month. I'm so proud of myself. Here are a the ups and down of where I'm at: Ups. Eating whatever I want and loving it. Realising I can... 2
what I doing wrong? Hi there! Basically, I have beed following SE for about 3-4 weeks now but I still have 2-3 slips per week. I have been very adventurous with my food... 7
Recovering and Still wanting to lose weight...any advice/tips/stories? Hey Guys, so I'm about 8 days into this recovery program but I have been trying to recover on my own for about 4 months before starting the program... 6
difficulty This is the most difficult thing I have ever done!!! Thanks!
Time off May be somebody can share the experience how did they get the time of work (in US) to recover from ED? Recently I went to the doctor and she wrote me... 3
Separating Your Bad HABIT (Binging/Purging) from Your Emotions. This one story, which gives insight to a whole new perspective on bulimia recovery, has had more of an effect on me than all of the e.d. related... 2
Recovery fatigue Hi all, I am trying really hard to recover, but sometimes it feels like Im in a tug of war where I am the rope. Some days I am pulled more to my... 3
Eliminating the Demon...? Maybe this should be a blog but I will put it here so I feel more accountable. Day after day I binge and purge on the same things. I think the only... 2
guilt and not deserving Do any of you feel that you struggled in the past or still do...with the guilt of eating, or feel like you don't deserve to eat? so strange, why... 1
fear of eating around others Hi guys, I'm having some trouble still, to eat around others...especially as I am usually an emotional eater and used to eating my food just very... 3
When you feel the urge to binge/ purge how do you calm yourself? Before a binge I feel restless and as if nothing else will calm me except for giving in and binging. Whilst I binge I feel a relief. Its only after... 14
Gas and bloating!!!! Oh my.... Has anyone experienced or know how long the gas and bloating last?? I have a lot of gurgling sounds in my stomach after I eat no matter what I eat.... 5
Recovery today. Hi there I am back on track. Today will be my first real recovery day and I swear I won't go back. But I have some questions... I have a big problem... 9
Wanting it So I went to my therapist recently and she told me that I had hit a wall with my recovery, that I wasn't getting any better and was actually slowly... 8
Where I've been/How I got better I've been away from the forums for about a year, boy how things have changed (in my life and the website)! I've been meaning to come back here and... 3
First day strutured eating Today is the first day when I am going to start a structured eating plan or at least not purge. By telling everyone that, I feel that I am going to... 1
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