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Weight gain Is anyone else suffering from pants being too tight? I haven't weighed myself but I know I keep gaining. It's depressing. I keep going back and forth... 8
breakdown and turning point hi decided to do a new blog, i have started reflecting what had happened the last few days. i had been under a lot of stress mentally and physically... 4
Insomnia when abstaining from B/P Recently I went 13 consecutive days with no binging or purging. Most nights I slept no more than 3 hours, and never the full 8 that I know I need. It... 3
Tired in recovery so it's been a week without purging, which is great, but I am sooooo tired! any idea how long this is going to last? 1
Wow, haven't logged in for a wee while...Some reassuring words for everyone :) Hey guys, so I haven't logged into this for ageeeass, but just wanted to say that I am now completely over my bulimia :) I want EVERYONE to know that... 3
Bloat, swelling, and all that "fun stuff" So I have posted before...Mostly just read what others are posting and relate and all but I'm to the point where I just need to vent since my parents... 2
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Why Do We Get Stuck in This CIRCLE! I do not understand how I can be doing well for a few days and then I lapse right back into the bulimia cycle, where I binge, purge, hate myself,...
One year of recovery! MONTH-BY-MONTH SYNOPSIS I consider May 20th, 2011 my "quit date" even though I binged and purged several times after that line in the sand. It was on May 20th that I made... 15
Guided eating audio Hello everyone, I have been using the guided eating audio for almost 3 months now (well on and off but fairly consistently at least for 3/4 meals a... 1
Weekly recovery-oriented choices This month I started the practice of making at least one recovery-oriented choice every week (daily would be too ambitious and too prone to the... 11
Recovery dreams vs. nightmares I am sure a post about it has been posted already but cannot find it again now, thus here it goes.. During the years I happened to have several... 2
Weird "Off" feeling on first days of recovery Does anyone get a weird feeling on the first few days without b/p? It's almost as if my blood pressure is too low or something. Haven't checked it (... 4
Weight Loss in Recovery I've had bulimia for 5 years and decided this Jan that that was all going to change. Yes I did it because I knew what I was putting my body through... 10
is it normal to need time off of work during recovery? I am on day 3 of not binging or purging ... quite a success after not doing this for years. I am working so hard at this recovery and feel like I... 6
just a quick question to those who has managed to recover.... :) ,, has anyone ever recovered 100% and still eating huge amuonts of nutrasweet, splenda, aspartame..? just read that aspartame gives uncontrollable... 4
in any language, any way shape or form defined: WHAT does it mean, RECOVERY? I asked myself this question ever since I had that rather crappy appointment with a therap;ist the other day. I wish there were just one simple,... 2
Since Monday!! I feel so good that it has been since Monday that I b/p. I have almost daily moments that I want to just give in... There is such a big part of me... 1
Animals and recovery I'd like to ask whether people have used animals for their recovery. Just some basic questions; Do you have pets? What animals? Do you find being... 3
question to those who recovered.. how long did it take for your weight to stabilize? And did you follow SE or did you jump into intuitive eating right away? I gave in to scales and... 8
Full recovery possible??? Hi, I'm just wondering if it is possible to make a full recovery and become TOTALLY B/P free and normal about food? I feel like I'm going to be like... 5
Is eating out of habit something to avoid? I'm making some reasonable progress in recovery. My dietitian has me eating three meal and three snacks per day, which I've been doing for the past... 1
2 years recovery and a week of relapse i am looking for advice from anyone that has suffered from a relapse. I am so frightened that my body goes straight back to where it was 2 years ago... 1
3 and a half years recovery I've been recovered from bulimia for 3 and a half years. And yet my glands recently have been humungous, I called in sick this morning because... 2
obese and recovery (hope it doesn't trigger) Hello I was just wondering if there were any of you that bulimia has made you put on loads of weight. By reading the ebook, i discovered that when i... 4
Is anyone else here an athlete? Hi, I'm new to BH. I'm a dancer and I exercise for 6 hours, 5 days a week. My large energy needs combined with restrictive eating lead me to binge,... 5
Yoga and Recovery Do you find yoga helpful for your recovery? If so: - What kind? - Are there any yoga websites/blogs you recommend? 1
Overweight bulimic - will recovcery help me lose? I am an overweight bulimic. Bulimia made me overweight. The binges became larger and, of course, we all know that you can't purge everything, so I... 4
MY RECOVERY IS MINE!! Tip to stay motivated in recovery- Someone once told me so thought i'd share it with you.. Don't count your 'recovery' on how many binge/purge free... 7
how I've been doing Hi everyone. Haven't posted in a long long time, but I've been a frequent visitor. I wish I could stick to posting more often, offering my advice... 2
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