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Bloating - now gas???? Okay, so I'm 5 weeks into recovery at this point. Towards the end of last week I thought the bloat was starting to get better - at least I wasn't... 3
Symptoms to expect in recovery ...? Hello people I'm on day 5 of my recovery and I feel positive for the first time in ages. However, I've started to notice some weird physical... 5
Pregnant and recovering?? OK so one week ago I found out I was pregnant. I have been on the recovery path for the last 7 weeks and have limited my self to 10 BPs. Since I... 2
If you drink gatorade after a purge will this help you to maintain a healthy level or electrolytes? I just want to know if this is true. I do it. I don't want to go to sleep and never wake up... Until I can beat this, is this a way to help keep my... 12
reasons to quit bulimia what are some of your reasons to quit? add on! 1. bulimia wastes time. time = money. bulimia will waste my money. 2. throwing up in public restrooms 128
18 months on in recovery ....update hello im 45 and had bulimia since i was 17, my story is in my profile, i started recovery over 18 months ago, when i read the blogs that some of you... 6
Weight Gain- What do I do? I have been trying to recover for a while- but I keep binging. I have put on bout XX in 2 yrs. I know it is part of recovery but this is not... 1
Emotional hunger, what helps? ('Cos it's def. not b/ping!! ) Hey Everyone! Just reading some of Geneen Roth's books, which are all about emotional hunger, and emotional nourishment. So I thought, I'd ask.. what... 4
Journal ideas exersices I thunk journaling has helped me so much in this recovery process. Not just journaling about what happens in the day, how I feel, or ah has. Which i... 4
Dangerous Rationalizations? After about 6 months of being purge free, my binges have dramatically decreased~ to about once a week. Following any binge/binges, I will exercise... 4
Im using the book 'The Secret' to help with recovery Hi guys, I have been having tremendous success with recovery by using the suggestions from the book 'The Secret' alongside structured eating and the... 4
"Support" from loved ones My boyfriend knows about my bulimia. We had a massive massive massive chat about it last week and he even helped me plan out my meals and snacks, as... 3
Do you get 'fsmily/friend' support Do you ever feel that you dont get support at home? My parents only seem to be supportive when I am doing well. When I am not doing well and binging... 8
How long does it take the body to recover from bulimia? I was bulimic for 20 years, I am on day 84, it is very very hard but for health reasons, I really want to recover. My doctor told me that for someone... 12
Be kind to yourself and cure your eating disorder I am doing compassionate minds therapy. Im hoping there are a few of you who might find this article interesting... I am definately finding the whole... 4
anxiety attacks hi there over the past two weeks i have binge purged once, i feel like i am doing well from that respect but as the binge purging has subsided for... 12
Do you feel unsafe? My therapist asked me today how often do I feel unsafe? My immediate thought and answer was "the vast majority of the time". He asked me about my... 4
Day One!!! And Happy to be acheiving it! Well I am close to completing DAY ONE for the first time in about two weeks so I am very pleased about that! Hopefully it will be the first day of... 3
Automatic vomiting?! Does anyone hear experience automatic vomiting after eating? I have always been a hands-free purger, which makes it hard to recover since it is... 7
Recovery time question Not wishing to cause any offence AT ALL, I'm just curious... Does anyone know if its 'easier' for shorter term bulimia suffers to recover than it is... 6
Relapse I have had a relapse lately which has lasted much longer than I ever would have first anticipated. So back here I turn to the website which helped... 1
Exercise making water retention worse. When I exercise or walk or run in the heat I notice my water retention/ bloating gets worse. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Someone... 5
Best books for recovery? Hi all, I am looking for books on mindful eating and any other useful publications. Any information would be great. Thanks x 7
Talking to Mum Mum walked into my room this morning and asked casually what all the searches for Bulimia on dad's computer were about. She was worried about viruses... 6
Excessive tiredness... and a bit of irritability? anyone else in recovery extremely tired all the time? and irritable? i was thinking it is probably because my body isn't used to digesting this much... 6
How Long Until the Bingeing Stops? I stopped restricting my diet in Feburary of this year. I follow the food guide, exercise, and get a good amount of sleep(most of the time.) But, I... 2
Celebrating recovery... Ever since stumbling across this website and the wealth of advice here, I've got to thinking about my commitment to FULL recovery. I've wanted it for... 1
Menstrual Cycle and Bingeing I have had few periods per year for the past two years because of bulimia. But now that I have it back, I have noticed a few things, and I wonder if... 2
early Barretts diagnosis... I got scoped a few years ago and the consultant found early Barrett's at the lower end of my oesphoegus. I came clean with him about the bulimia and... 3
Recovery weight gain = Failure?? The situation: I've stopped purging but continue to struggle with bingeing, the obvious consequence being a fair amount of weight gain. In my mind,... 2
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