Side Effects of Bulimia

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Osteoporosis anyone?? I recently found out I have osteoporosis. I'm only 25, so needless to say I am pretty upset and scared. I didn't think I was at risk because I don't... 1
Bulimia Face I am going through major face issues. My glands are so painfully swollen it is embarrassing. I would just like to ask how long into recovery you went... 10
Sleepless and constipated I want to ask if anybody knows a natural treatment for sleeplessness. I am one week binge and purge free and really bloated,constipated and often... 2
Leaky Gut Syndrome/Candida/Food Sensitivities Hello everyone, I was bulimic for 20+ years and as I started recovering last year i visited my Naturopath for abdominal pain I was having related to...
Gross but, no more constipation wahoo! If there is one major physical change after two weeks its that I am now regular, yuss!! Makes me feel a whole lot better and lets me think that maybe... 9
Listen To Your Body? I always try to follow, "Listen to your body." It has been a saying that I have heard since I started to try and recover and I feel as though it is a... 3
Uneven swollen glands? I know swollen glands are extremely common in bulimia, but is it normal for them to be uneven? The right side of my face is a lot more swollen than... 2
How to lose weight in recovery? I have tried very hard to recover but the only thing in my way is my weight gain. Im too scared to weigh myself but i can feel the fat on my body... 9
Constant feeling of something in throat. Hey everyone. I have been on and off of this website for a year now. Its been 8 years of me b/p and I'm so tired of it. I want to get better but... 2
Sinus issues from bulimia? For almost 2 years I've had really horrible sinus problems. I've also has swollen irritated eyes (more than puffiness). My nose swells, eyelids and... 3
Hypothyroidism Do any of you struggle with hypothyroidism? If so are you on medication? Is it working for you? I recently had to undergo some testing for fertility... 5
Electrolyte imbalance? yet another reason to stop bulimia - does anyone experience extreme light headedness and shakiness after a purge? I relapsed over the weekend and I... 5
symptoms taking way to long to disappear? Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone who is more than 3 months into recovery can help me solve what is happening to me ... I have been b/p free... 5
I never feel full I'd love to know if any other sufferers of bulimia can relate to this. I have been searching the internet for literally YEARS trying to find someone... 4
Side Effects! Hey everyone, I've had bulimia for almost 10 years. I'm interested in hearing about what sort of side effects you all have had, especially those of... 17
Abdominal Muscle Pain I was wondering if anyone else has had an issue the has happened twice to me now. The muscles along the front of my abdomen end getting really sore... 2
Terrified about what I've done to my teeth That's about it, really. Just needed to get it out there. I've completely destroyed them. And didn't go to a dentist for years because I knew how bad... 5
Probiotics Hi everyone, recently I have been getting very bad stomach pains to the point where it feels like my stomach insides are sore. I haven't purged in a... 8
swollen face Hi - so I know that swollen glands in the face are a normal part of bulimia and that the only way to resolve this properly is by stooping the b/p... 10
Emotional Growth/Stunt Hi guys, Just wondering what your thoughts/experiences best friend whose sister also had an eating disorder was the first to tell me about... 5
Pain in Esophogus Hi! I have been trying very hard with my recovery last two weeks, despite the holiday, have been trying MUCH harder than in the past. I have been... 2
Advice? Hi there! So, I know this is not the place to look for medical questions, but I am slightly afraid of doctors, and certainly not comfortable opening... 3
Recovery headaches and fatigue? I've only manage to be b/p for 4 days which is amazing in itself. But I've been having terrible headaches and dizziness. I'm still so tired and not... 2
Time Needed to Resolve Symptoms Hi! I'm new here and starting my meal/ recovery plan today. Bulimia has taken a lot out of me, I've been extreamly exhausted, I can't dance like I... 3
Anyone out there with IBS due to ED? Hi :) after having been diagnosed with IBS (which apparently is a term used when doctors can't find an explanation for abdominal discomfort or pain... 7
Ouuuuuch... stabbing pain in right side of stomach???? Soo,,, Ive just been b/purging all day everyday for the past week and cant break this horrendous cycle :( Now I have a stabbing pain down the right...
Heartburn/reflux - HELP Crippled with acid reflux and heartburn today! Have been munching Rennie like they're going out of fashion! Anyone have any tips/remedies PLEASE xx 2
Hand Tremors? This is so weird. Whenever I rest my right hand it shakes involuntarily. When I type or do anything else it remains still but the moment i stop it... 1
tooth trouble I seem to B/P once every 2 weeks roughly. Its just the 1 binge then a desperate panicked purge and then back to structured eating. It makes me feel... 2
Loss of period Just wondering if anyone else here in recovery had lost their period/menstrual cycle as a result of their ED??? Mine stopped 18 months ago and when I... 4
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