Side Effects of Bulimia

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PERSONALITY disorder?? I just found information on this disorder called obsessive compulsive PERSONALITY disorder and it says it's different from just OCD (which I've... 1
Joint Pain Hey so I have really bad joint pain. I've had it on and off for awhile but now it's pretty bad, preventing me from sleeping, and making me almost...
Reduced gag reflex as a result of throwing up food Hi I was just wondering how many of you have a reduced gag reflex as a result of throwing up food all the time ? I know its different for everyone as... 8
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An request from you all Hey all you lovely people, I've been haunting this site for a while now, but have been reluctant to really start contributing because I'm on the... 6
digestive track ok so im editing this bc my friend mistakend the doctor actually said i proned to the sack that when my intestines stop functioning ill have to wear... 1
Why did your bulimia start? and Do you think it matters? I ask myself this all the time...I know why it started when I was 14 but I was better from like ages 20-24 and then relapsed until now (a year and a... 8
Tooth Bonding So I am interested in getting my front teeth bonded. I still b/p 1-2x/wk. I dont want to get my teeth bonded until I know I am ready and have... 3
NOT normal pain. What is this? If I ever kept anything down it never hurt... and never gas. As of 2 days ago I have had this SHARP pain in my lower abdomen. I have been sooo gassy... 1
Dry skin Well i have read bulimia can cause you to have dry skin and i have like a really annoying patch on my mouth/cheek, but also i have a small patch on... 15
Four cavities on my teeth due to bulima. Don't think it can't happen to you. I've been bulimic for about a year and a half, purging three to four days a week on average (sometimes more, sometimes less if it's a good... 9
Dose bulimia cause brakouts? Well every time after i purge on the next day i brake out especially around my mouth, or on my forehead, or is it just me? 3
Does your bulimia ever feel natural or normal? Does anyone else feel like purging is your body's natural response to eating food? I've been dealing with this disorder off and on since the age of... 11
Tongue? Any of y'all have a problem with their tongue bleeding after b/p? I started spitting blood, so I stuck my tongue out in the mirror and it was pouring... 2
Blood vessels around zee eyesss.... When purging I sometimes had red dots around my eyes from purging. But as the years have gone on...well not even years. Since December time they have... 6
Tricky Situation- Help Please!!! Hi everyone! Today after school, I went into the bathroom to wash my hands. When I went in, the first thing I noticed was the soles of a pair of... 3
Recovery Pains! Okay, so now I am at that 1 week plus mark, which I've been at before, but forgotten how sucky my body feels. What I mean is that my tummy is... 3
Ruptured Stomach? 12500kcal binge last night, no purging. I went FAR past satiation, and I really think I might have split my stomach inside-- a lot of pain. Is this... 1
Bad, red, facial skin =( Does anyone else find they have not very great facial skin? I wash my face with high quality face wash, drink loads of water, and try to eat well (... 1
Periods........ Okay so I have not had a period since January. I went off the pill at this time after 5 years of being on it. I'm not sure whether its the eating... 4
Throwing up food from 24 HOURS ago?! I sadly just purged. I was purging and I noticed that mushrooms and red peppers were coming out in big pieces. I ate those mushrooms and red peppers... 6
Swollen arms and legs Hello, I am ame, and I am new to here. I am having this terrible water retention thing going on for 2 days already. And my legs and my arms get... 6
bulimic scenes from movies im about to watch ''the snake.'' apparently its a comedy about a bulimic girl. i hope it doesnt trigger me. ive been doing so well. aside from... 9
Answer needed Can you be overweight (fat) and bulimic? 4
Do we begin to use more natural methods of expressing emotion when we stop b/ping? Since stopping b/ping I have noticed that i have had some massive crying sessions, its times i know i would have usually b/ped , i only realised... 4
Underactive thyroid..hyperglycemia.. I dont know too much about them but i know that with an underctive thyroid your body cant burn fat as easily , I've noticed i put on weight very... 5
blood in my eye, help! i've been on a major binge/purge cycle and i woke up today with loads of blood in my eyeball and a massive black eye. has this happened to anyone... 3
Bulimia and random associations w/TV, Movies, Music, Websites, Clothes, etc, Over the course of your disorder, have you developed associations between bulimia and totally random things? For almost 2 years, all my college... 12
eating disorder "SIGNS" hmmm well i was speaking with my therapist yesterday and i realized some pretty intense things about my condition. She told me that even though i was... 3
SEVERE Menstrual Cramps - Linked to Bulimia??? My period is almost never regular. Last year I didn't get it for 7 months straight. ...But lately I've been getting it on a monthly basis. But this... 5
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