Side Effects of Bulimia

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Digestion Problems This might be slightly TMI, but I know the digestive system gets pretty messed up with bulimia. Lately food goes "right through me," and if I have...
Stealing When I was about 2 years into bulimia I started stealing food and random things and doing some other very reckless behaviors. Although I haven't... 4
lack of emotion because of bulimia? I have a question and I wonder if anyone can relate, I have trouble with my feelings, I dont feel joy or love for the people close to me, I have very... 4
Infertility/Osteoporosis/Premature Ovarian Failure? Has anyone else been told they are infertile because of their ED? When I last had it looked at, my ovaries were very shriveled and my womb lining was...
Latest blood test shows extreme low iron and high fasting blood sugar Hi everyone, I just picked up the results from my doctor for a suite of blood tests done 2 weeks ago. I have extremely low iron and high fasting... 2
Bulimia side effects disappearing Hi all, So I'm trying to keep myself motivated and decided to make a checklist of all the awful things that I found myself living with thanks to... 1
Periods So I'm a little concerned that I still haven't started my period. Usually in the past, when I'm doing better and have gained weight, I get it back.... 3
Acid reflux Anyone know what to do for the acid reflux? When I was b/p I think my body got used to throwing up, so if I eat sometimes it automatically comes back... 4
bloated belly I understand that B/P can make your belly feel bloated afterwards and many people with bulimia may have a bigger belly in comparison to the rest of... 5
help with my body shaking I've just recently started shaking really badly after my relapses and it is quite scary. Does anyone know anything i can do to stop or help it? 5
Please I need an answer. I worry it very much Hi! My name is Nan. I am not English speaker, but please I need your help. I’m 23 years old now. I have had Bulimia since I was 14 years old & I... 1
ear problems due to bulimia? Recently I started getting vertigo (like sea sickness) when I go to bed after vomiting. I think it is due to the bingeing and vomiting causing sinus... 4
Hands Shaking Hey :D Okay, after I purged at times, my hands were shaking unstoppable. Mostly because my blood pressure went down after vomiting everything in... 2
Kidney issues Dear all, did anyone of you experience any kidney issues related to bulimia? I had a renal failure two years ago when my e.d. was really bad and I'm... 3
Teeth and Nails in Recovery One thing I was always super worried about with Bulimia was the long term damage it would leave on my teeth. I never wanted to be subjecting my body... 3
excessive gum chewing
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Health pains Hi there. I am a 7 year sufferer from bulimia, 30 years old. I am beginning to have pain when I actually do eat without b/p and this is completely...
Depression started my bulimia or Bulimia started my depression? Hello, How are you? I've been feeling very low and sometimes it's hard to even start with SE again. I started in January 2013 with SE and I felt... 4
NOSE CARTILAGE! Is it possible to erode nose cartilage? I know my sense of smell has weakened significantly but today I noticed the cartilage of my right nostril...
Money Today was my pay day which normally would mean a drive to the supermarket and spend 200 on semi healthy food and that nights binge food and some form... 7
constipation hey everyone jus a question i used to have really bad bowel movement years ago where i couldnt go fr 3 weeks at a time. Then it got better when i was... 1
Anemia I eat lots of meat (some at each meal) , but I always seem to be anemic. I just read on another website that anemia can be a symptom of bulimia. Any... 3
hives? I have had hives on and off since last September. I just found this site last week- and am in day 5 of eating every 3 hours. In September, I really... 3
Help!!! Constipated!!! Having been bulimic for 10 years, I have now been recovered for nearly 6 months. As happy as I am with myself, I can't for the life of me go to the... 4
Mirror mirror ''Repeat after me, I am strong and changing for better'' I looked at my old photos, all those have a fake smile on me. I totally remember what I was thinking at those moments which made me really sad. ''I... 2
Extremely sore stomach anyone else? I have been following the SE for 7 weeks now with about one binge purge episode a week. This last week I've been feeling really down and have had 3... 2
felt great 2 hours ago, now bloated and in pain... I am on day 10 with no B/P. I have actually been feeling pretty good. I posted a blog 2 hours ago with all these positive things, and now I feel... 3
Health issues during recovery (cold/ stiff hands, feet and ankle swelling, etc.) Hey all! I am a 20 year old college student who suffered from bulimia for about 6 months off and on. For the past month, I have only relapsed a... 3
Servere coldness and numbness in fingers and toes??? I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? When it is cold out, I get cold to the point of pain and sometimes lose feeling in my fingers... 5
Smells I didn't realize what I had been depriving myself of with bulimia. I went into the grocery store the other morning & smelled all the wonderful...
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