Side Effects of Bulimia

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What came first the little black dog or the ed? There seems to be a lot of conflicting evidence around as to whether eating disorders are a cause or and effect of depression. I guess in reality it... 1
is b/p sometimes the better alternative? what if b/p was a remedy to avoid other harsher dilemmas in your life? (i.e cutting) personally i'd rather b/p then cut myself EVER again yes i know... 2
Being over weight as an eating disorder patient? Since I'm recovering and having gained weight from anorexia then slipping back into bulimia for another 4 months I've packed on some more pounds and... 9
shaking Just before i failed after not purging for 3 days wierd thing is i never binged just thought i needed to get rid of food i could still feel there... 2
Medication to treat bulimia. Do you think it's helpful? I know it obviously depends on what other specific issues you're dealing with, but I've seen so many posts about... 1
Did something in your childhood triggered your ED? Did something happens in your childhood that triggered your ED? Sometimes I try to find the triggers of my ED? When and where did it really started... 9
paranoid does anyone else have the problem were they believe everyone else knows about their bulimia but never says anything to you about it. I had a friend... 7
anxiety/depression HELP I know I've read that a few others of you have suffered from anxiety and/or depression. But what do you DO about it? I can't really afford to go to a... 9
Completely Irrational Behaviours I'm not sure how I have done this for so many years. My behaviours are completely irrational (as are most bulimic patterns). Writing this seems crazy... 4
BULIMIA HANGOVERS? Hi everyone To some of you this may sound an odd question but I am curious to know what a bulimia hangover is? I have probably had them but seeing as... 8
US vs UK hey everybody, ok so im from north america and i know we have a lot of e/d here. but i feel like maybe the uk has it more or maybe worse? anyone... 18
Why am I still gaining weight? All of my life I have been overweight. Last winter, however, I finally found a diet that worked for me and dropped the weight. This summer when I... 16
Who doesn't get a period? I was on the pill straight for five years, and I got off it eight or nine months ago, and I still have not gotten a period. I am not pregnant, and... 6
Swollen glands!! Does anyone suffer from MAJOR swollen facial glands? i'm not just talking about puffy cheeks.. It looks like there is a gulf ball behind my earlobe... 3
suceide Hi every body, it´s a while ago I havn´t wrote a new topic. I hope u r all fine and in recovery..:) I just wanna ask if somebody of u once thought or... 5
Potassium Supplements Does anyone take potassiums supplements to help the electrolyte imbalance? I want to be careful about going about this. I am terrified of having... 4
Breathing?? I am committing myself completely and utterly to recovery for the first time. This includes getting rid of my scales and not weighing for 6 months(... 5
Anyone else done this?? Okay so Im kinda worried i may have damaged my stomach permanantly because in the past I have drank water mixed with chilli flakes (as in totally... 6
t-shirts just wondering what people here think of those t-shirts meant for larger people to wear that say ''i beat anorexia.'' funny, offensive, or no... 8
CORROSIVE ESOPHAGITIS... ? In the last few days I have noticed a "sensation" when I swallow. I suppose it could be described as a "lump". When I open my mouth and examine my... 2
Recovery: How long until I will have my energy back? Hi all, Granted, today is my first day of recovery so I might be getting ahead of myself ;) BUT: I have been bulimic for one year now and for me the... 8
recovery update...its hard:( Hi everyone, thought i would post a link for my video blog, i have some videos about my recovery on my youtube page. 1
Okay soo just thinking??? okay so i was just thinking and decided i should start rambling to see what other people could add to this... Many of us started this for a reason,... 2
sleep issues. Does bulimia cause sleep problems? Iv found i find it very hard to sleep, even if im extremely tired and can hardly stay awake. Does anyone else have... 2
procrastinating? So i used to be a very good student high nineties in everything, until i started with the ed. Now i can't make myself do any work and when they are... 1
Diabetes? Hey everyone:) I was wondering about diabetes, as may be hugely obvious from the heading... Now, I'm usually like those old ladies who refuse to go... 1
Permanant damage to glands? Does anyone know if bulimia can cause permanant damage to the salivary glands? I stopped seeing my doctor because he basically cannot do anything...
Reality check.. I need to get better. I can't live like this forever. I think two events were reals slaps in the face and i'm hoping I'll start to think more clearly... 2
Stealing! Okay who knew this was a symptoms of bulimia? I had no idea it was a symptoms until after I had recovered and did a little research. I used to steal... 5
THE LAX I just had a question. Im interested to know how it effects you and if it wroks. I have never taken laxatives and dont intend on doing so. So dont... 4
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