Side Effects of Bulimia

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Are we all control freaks here? I am new to this Forum, though (sadly) not new to this disorder. :-( I am at the "information processing" stage of my recovery, and noticed that in... 11
Sore throat I haven't purged in at least five days, but every morning I wake up with a sore throat now. Usually the sore throat will only last a day after the... 3
Does anyone else have heart problems? Okay so i was just wondering if anyone else experiences heart trouble? My heart will feel like someone is stabbing it a couple times a week minimum... 1
Becoming antsy about water weight I am becoming really annoyed =\, upset because of my water weight that went since I stopped purging early last night. It scares me and I'm extremely... 3
Heart pain, wheezing and more? Well, I've been alternating between bulimia/anorexia for nearly five years now. For the past few months I've developed a few things that have me kind... 5
Pimples during recovery?? Has anyone else had their skin go crazy during recovery. I have made 3 weeks of not purging (still bingeing occasionally) and my skin is just going... 4
vomitorium This blurb is all i could find on bulimia history that predates the 1970's. If anyone has anything more research to add I'd be interested in reading... 3
Bulimia and Birth Control I just wanted to share with you all something I learned about yesterday. A girl I went to high school with just had a baby. She is 22 and definitely... 5
Jaw snapping My jaw snapped about six hours ago, and it still hurts. It isn't very intense as I can still swallow, but it is still painful sometimes and I am... 3
the thought of tasting food did anyone go through the phase where they actually thought what food you were going to throw up? ive been through stages at night when im trying to... 3
your eating disorder's behavior I spend alot of time analyzing my ED, and for a while I've been thinking about my own personal pattern, which goes as follows. I restrict, and while... 6
I saw Cardiologist last Saturday!! My heart is not beating normally, so she put me on a new medication... But, all in all, they said that if it were worse, I would have needed a pace-... 3
Do I have a problem? Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and hoping to get some advice. I'm scared to talk to my family as I worry they'll just think I'm attention seeking... 4
i cant sleep damn it! 3:46pm. I cant sleep. Its becoming very annoying. I wait for hours for sleep to arrive. Iv tried alot of things, such as... hot baths, more exercise... 5
wired stuff something wired is happening, well i haven't been b/p in a while actually last week once this week once,which is a good thing because i used to do it... 5
to cure or not to cure? What are peoples thoughts on 'Once a bulimic, always a bulimic'. I would really like to think this is not true but cant help wondering im alwats... 4
sorry that this is my second post and its about poo hehe Hi my names Jo i signed up her a few weeks ago but havnt really been on much. anyways heres my dillema hope some one can help. ive been abusing laxs... 3
When to go to treatment? My life is never ever not about the bulimia anymore. Never. I frikking dream about binging, about purging, about being kept from a binge, about being...
Some health "issues" I have... I have GERD, the enamel in my teeth is in poor condition, my teeth are breaking (literally), and my heart is getting worse... So many people in my... 5
Butterflys Does anybody else actually get butterflys in their stomach just before a as in the seconds before when you know your not gonna be able... 2
Does anyone else binge/purge every meal? I am new to this site...prior to this I have only ever talked to/met mainly people suffering anorexia. I think my bulimia is pretty severe by all... 2
Confused. heya. i dont know if this is in the right place but im gonna post here anyways =) Im really struggiling atm. Im extremly bad on restriction, i only... 2
Bulimia and mental disorders There is a correlation between bulimia and paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc.. -- There is a chemical reason for it -- The bad news:... 2
i think my body is rejecting my b/p has anyone experienced this? i think my body is rejectiong my b/p cycle, i have lost my gag reflex, and cant seem to purge anymore today. my chest... 5
is this still bulimia? i've been dealing with my ED for 6 years now. It started out as ana, then mia came along to accompany her. For the past year, I've restricted my food... 1
Could my new attempt to lose weight be a hinderance?? I recently started weight watchers and lost 12 kgs "the right way" before the bulima took hold BUT now i am worse than i have ever been b/p about 5... 1
Genetic? Does anyone else have other family members with eating problems? My aunt is obsessed with health & excercise, my sis used to really have issues... 4
Tomorrow Hey everyone, I'm a 22 yr old male who has been fighting with bulimia for about 2 years, and within the last month it has become an everyday... 6
blood seen hey! ive cut back on b/p to about once a week. this morning there was about 1 ml of bright red blood in my vomit. what should i do? my doctor knows... 3
Who Knows? I know this might sound weird, but I always have this nagging feeling or rather, suspicion that the people around me that I havn't told about my... 6
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