Side Effects of Bulimia

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Drugs Vs. Food Ok, I have done drugs before and know they chemically can make you feel good; A dug makes all that use it feel good, but food does not give all that... 3
Is my metabolism screwed forever? Hey everyone, do any of you know if metabolism can be restored after 10 years of bulimia!? I've found a couple of articles on the net that says it... 4
THYROID Hey everyboday just wanted to start a thread on the thyroid.. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidsm (underactive): fatigue, feeling cold, weight... 1
Throat Pains Hey all So i have been experiencing stabbing, excrusiating pains in the top of my throat, but only when i swallow. Obviously this is realted to... 3
blood? i just sicked up blood after a binge. is that really bad? should i see a doctor or just let it pass? has that happened to anyone here? 3
HELP ASAP I am beyond frustrated, overwhelmed. Been trying for over a month to go ONE day purge free and been failing. I used to have a drug addiction and it... 2
Am I bulimic? Hi everyone! I've just joined this site after I read an article about bulimia. I'm still wondering am I bulimic altough I have lots of matching... 10
Question about dentist/doctors Hey all! So I have just discovered that I not only have a dentist appointment and a physical exam in the next several weeks. Does anyone know what... 2
Congested bowels? This might seem a little gross... So I've been going through the typical path of recovery. I've stopped purging but haven't quite got a handle on... 4
White dry skin anyone? Has anyone besides me experienced white, dry, flaky skin? I have and it itches cause it's dry no matter how much lotion I put on. And it's everywhere... 6
Create an Understanding. - Hello, This may have been posted before and i apologise if it is indeed a repost. I’m looking to find out why people have moved the way they have...
Is even a little too much... When I feel like I've eaten too much, I purge it. This doesn't happen enough for me to be scared for my health. I can honestly say I've done it... 9
Abdominal Pain Hey all, I'm onto day five without b/p and last night I had awful pain in my stomach that kept me awake. I've noticed it quite a few times when I don... 2
at what age does it stop? just wondering if there is a certain age that you just stop purging. I just cant imagine doing this behavior when I am in my 50's or 60's. I am 36,... 4
ARGH! my teeth!! ARGH!! This morning I had some cereal and when I bit down on the spoon a bit of my tooth came away! This is the second time its happened (different... 3
Is gym/working out after purging a bad idea? Hey everyone, does anyone know if going to the gym after a b/p episode is even worse for your body? It seems to make me feel even more weak the next... 1
it ruins my life perhaps you know that I will join a clinic soon to become recovered, but I don't know the exact date. until the clinic will call me to tell me that...
Bulimia and Bipolar? Hello peeps! Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a link between bulimia and being bipolar, or vice versa. Or if anyone has the disorder. I... 4
BMI? Is the whole BMI thing a legitimate way to tell if you're underweight or not? What do you all think? If so, I've technically been "underweight" my... 2
Is it bulimia? Hi, I'm new here, and I found out about this place while looking for answers to my eating problems. I know I have one, and many of the... 9
What to Say When Someone Notices? I had a really uncomfortable thing happen today. I don't dance any more but I still play music for the ballet school and occasionally teach. It was... 2
Loss of period...reasons? I didn't have a period for a couple of months, but it was when I was more ana and at a low weight. I have gained close to 10 pounds and got my... 3
why do we start this why do we start doing this???????????????? 9
Disconnected Does anyone else feel like they are out of their body looking down upon themselves? I was just with a good guy and all I can think about is food,... 3
ETOH Is it just me or does anyone else feel more vulnerable after drinking red wine? I need to just stop drinking…. Can anybody relate? Drank over the... 8
What to do when anorexia replaces bulimia So, I wanted to stop being bulimic... I knew that every time I was throwing up, my teeth were decaying and I had chipmunk cheeks.. And everything was... 3
Getting hot and sweaty like i was getting panicky-- my heart felt like it was racing... So this is what happend. By the way I remember someone posted something about something like this before so please if it was you let me know! i... 8
Bulimia may or maynot be about weight and may or maynot be stress related- discuss so.... I am cramming for my final written dental exam tomorrow- and am looking at lots of nasty pictures of eroded teeth from purging- feeling pretty... 4
Anorexia or Bulimia??? Well im currently reading 'The Eating Disorder Sourcebook' by Carolyn Costin and its really really helpful and it decribes everything about anorexia... 6
Low White Blood Count For the second of third time in a row, my blood tests have come back with low white blood counts...has anyone else experienced this? I had a severe...
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