Side Effects of Bulimia

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Protecting Teeth and Gums I wanted to just post some information I found on different forms of fluoride found in drugstore (nonprescription) toothpaste. I picked up the Crest...
IBS, crohns disease ect. Anyone out there having digestive issues from there ED?? I've always had issues with painful/urgen bowel movements (sorry TMI) since i was a child so... 8
Unintentional Reflux/Vomit I used to get reflux/extra vomit only after a binge and purge but right now even water is coming up almost immediately after I have swallowed, with... 1
Hamster cheeks Does anybody know the average time it takes for your cheeks to lose the swelling caused by bulimia after you have stoped purging ? Just feeling a lil... 2
Electrolyte Imbalances I was in the emergency room yesterday because of dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Binging and purging has made my body reject food altogether... 5
smoking as a way to stop binges? I’m curious to know …did anyone use smoking at first to combat binge cravings, and then it turned into smoking instead of binge eating? 2
Bladder, immune, plateau Hi everyone, So- I have three questions and I'm guessing quite a few of us have experienced the same problems, so let me know if you have and/or you... 2
Excessive Urinating in Recovery Hello! This is a weird post but here it is. Since i started recovering i have been waking up 2, 3 or 4 times every night because i need to pee. It... 7
Terrible stomach pain Hey everyone! Today is my second day of staying completely abstinent... Woo! Only one problem. Every time I eat ANYTHING I have TERRIBLE excruciating... 4
Will my hair ever grow thicker again? Hey :) Hope your recoveries are going well. I have b/p for 5 years now and my hair is so fine and thin, and no where near what it used to look and... 12
Digestive Problems Okay, this might be gross so here is a warning. (Having to do with digestion and bowel movements) I have been using symptoms for 2 months now. I was... 2
Recovered problems...can anyone relate?! Help! Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone could help me? I was bulimic for 3 that 3 years I rarely went to the dentist as I was worried about... 7
Help... sore tongue! SO my tongue is reallly swollen and painful this evening after I binged, then while and after purging :/ Its like painful underneath where my teeth... 1
Douche Hello all... I love u all! As u may know??? Anyway I'm really struggling with the family part of things! Waa!? Ah!? Please suggest!? Fuck. Bye love.... 4
Bladder Issues? Hi guys! For the past few weeks I have felt like I need to pee literally every five minutes... that is not an exaggeration. And whenever I do pee... 7
automatic vomiting today i binged and vomited without inducing or thinking about it. it just happened. i ended up binging again since vomiting is one of my triggers of... 2
blood sugar / insulin Hi! I wonder if there is anyone else out there experiencing what I can only guess are symptoms relating to blood sugar levels..? The thing that is... 5
Severe stomach pains Hey guys I'm into my 7th day of S/E and no b/p, but getting really bad stomach pains, late in the afternoon, before dinner. It's really painful and... 4
Gross topics about my bowel motions Just wondering... as I have no where else to ask... Lately I've been finding that when I look at my uhhmm... number twos that there is undigested... 4
So how exactly do we retain so many calories from binging?!?! So, I would like to fully understand why it is exactly that despite purging, we retain so many calories from a binge. I have never really accepted... 3
Automatic purging? Does anyone here suffer from automatic purging? Meaning that your body naturally rejects food? How can you get rid of it? Arghhhhh 6
Stomach pain Anyone else get stomach pains? I've started getting stabbing pain after breakfast, usually dies down but it isnt today :( Wondering if its linked to... 2
Blood blisters in the mouth and throat Hi has anyone experienced blood blisters in the mouth and throat? in my 8 years of Bulimia i have suffered from blood filled blisters that occur in... 3
Menstraul problems Hi guys I've just been diagnosed with low estrogen. Haven't had a period in almost 3 months now, and they basically stopped when I started recovery... 4
Dehydration Thought this is a very simple and interesting article that would explain a lot of some of the urges we feel in recovery: 1
BMI 20 - 25 Hi there, I am wondering if there is anyone else out there how has bulimia but has a healthy weight range? Please let me know... I 15
Hair problems I have never seen any posts about this, so it may not even be bulimia related, but for some reason my scalp and hair have become super oily/greasy. I... 3
Dry Skin anybody else suffer with really dry skin because of bulimia? and if so, other than to stop b/ping is there anything you have tried that has worked to... 2
help with urinating too much i'm not sure if this is a common side effect - or if certain food / drink in the diet can cause these urges to use the bathroom too much. I have been... 1
Persistent Abdominal Pain So I've been in recovery since the beginning of January and my tummy still gets really bloated to the point where I'm in a lot of pain. I've altered... 3
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