Side Effects of Bulimia

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Cellulite Yo yo dieting, dehydration, fear of drinking water incase the scale tips slightly to the right. All these things I believe have caused a mass of... 3
Periods I guess its normal when you havent had a period for almost 2 years for it not to jump strain=ght backinto a regular cycle. Can anyone give me their... 5
strange food habits - I chew gum a lot I personally have a gum (sugar free of course!) habit- I am qualifying to be a dentist (finally) in the UK in 5 weeks, and have become hooked on gum... 143
Hot flushes / nights sweats Does anyone know if hot flushes and/or night sweating are side effects of bullimia?? Or are these issues likely to be seperate? Thanks in advance,... 10
How to Deal with Acid Relflux Hi Everyone, I wanted ask you all how you deal with acid reflux or heartburn. I am just suffering so much from it. I am taking all this off the... 2
Anxiety over lump in my throat. :-/ Hi everyone. This is probably going to sound so stupid- but I'm having anxiety attacks frequently the last two weeks or so due to an impending... 1
Memory loss and irrational thoughts Hi, I'm Laura, I just joined today and I feel a little worried about the fact that sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. I mean, sometimes I feel... 7
I can't wait 'till I recover... for the sake of my teeth. Ok, so a little background: I've been bulimic for nearly 4 years now, and it's really taken a toll on my teeth. I used to think I had a weird smile,... 3
How has bulimia affected your teeth? I always read about how bulimia affects teeth, but my teeth are ok, my wisdom teeth are even growing in. Ive been bulimic for 3years now. 39
Hemorrhaging of the eyes I was recently purging and almost choked to death. My eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out of my skull! The next morning I woke up and both... 2
Pick. I can't stop picking my face. Or any other imperfection I get on my body. It's awful. There is an anxiety in me that always surfaces somehow. Whether... 4
Did bulimia make you gain weight? I read this great article here about Bulimia weight gain. I was so shocked, I never know bulimia could cause you to gain weight. Please read... 96
Heartburn For a few months now I've been suffering from terrible heart burn, I assume it's from the stomach acid. I usually get it soon after or the day after...
Issues with feeling very nauseous during recovery?.. I have been b/p free (minus some over exercising) for 52 days now, and for the last week I have been getting bouts of extreme nausea every day/every... 1
I am scared shitless about tomorrow's dentist appt Tonight is the first time I put a mirror behind my teeth to actually see the damage I have done. It is worse than I thought. I can see holes starting... 2
Raynauds - Cold Hands and Feet Recent diagnosis Anyone else - its painful - any cures that are working for people? 4
I stopped crying When I became bulimic, I stopped crying... The only time tears ran down my cheeks were when I was forcing myself to vomit. I can't even vomit now... 6
Difficulty exercising? I was wondering what could possibly be the cause of the trouble I am having working out. I b/p maybe 2 or three times a week nowadays and I know that... 5
I don't know what to do anymore... I have no self control. I can't stop eating... I can't stop thinking about food. I can't do my assignments because I am binging. I hate this. I wish... 4
Late periods:( My period is three weeks late...I hate it I feel so fat and bloated but no period...this just makes me want to b/p more...ugh. Does anyone else ever... 5
ob gyn (kind of a girl question, I guess) My mom pulled rank and made the appointment. I have an appt for next week due to my missed periods... But I need some peace of mind- I'M TERRIFIED... 3
vomiting Hi everyone, so Im in recovery from bulimia and didnt throw up in about 5 months. But almost everytime I eat amt food ( not overeating, just normal... 5
Health Issue! Please Help... Hi Everyone, I was a recovered anorexia from 10 years ago. But now I am on a rocky road of recovery - again. I have been bulimic for 7-8 years now. I... 1
"Recovered" almost 4 years ago, Still having trouble and fearing relapse Hey all, Apparently I signed up a while ago but never posted on here. I didn't really know how to label this post, and I've changed it a few times,... 1
weird thinking pattern about period...some advice please! So I will not go into numbers but I am underweight... not deathly think... but tooooo thin... and I still get my period regularly... and for some... 2
swollen cheeks/glands Hello i just wondered how long after stopping vomiting that peoples cheeks and neck swelling went down usually? Im only on day three but i think i... 7
Okay- this one is a girly question..... As the title suggests, this question is aimed at the women here. I am looking to start a family and am absolutely terrified that somehow the nutrient... 3
Plugged Ear/ear infections from purging? I was wondering if anyone else gets plugged ears that feel as if they are going to become infected from purging? I feel like this may be a typical... 3
Burping too frequently, too much gas These past few days I have been burping a LOT right after I eat anything. I don't purge, I have been having some weird issues w/ using the restroom... 2
Lost period but normal weight??? Hi everyone! Well this is my first post :) I am wondering if others have expiernced a loss of the period and are of normal weight?? I haven't had a... 6
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