Side Effects of Bulimia

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How has bulimia screwed your physical health? I'd like to fixate on the horrors of this illness for a minute because it seems I'm hellbent on remaining ignorant to the potentially irreparable... 22
Sign of bulima: Knuckle scars So once you recover from an ED do the scars on your knuckles ever go? Thanks in advance. 8
DRY EYES, blinking a lot! Is this to do with bulimia, i started thinking it might be since when i purge my eyes get all red and watery. 3
late? this might be a stupid question, but how late does your period have to be to consider it skipped? i'm confused because i'm not underweight, but i... 4
Another Side Effect of Bulimia I know nobody loves these topics, and part of the eating disorder is about wanting to avoid the reality of what it does to our bodies. Trust me, I... 4
I'm really afraid to go to the dentist I'm so scared for the life of my teeth. Will the dentist have anything they can do to help them or reverse the damage? I'm so scared to go, do I tell... 3
Tips to save the teeth Hey so i am currently running into some problems with my teeth, cavities. They just feel like they are rotting away, as well as my gums. Im just... 5
what goes through your mind before you b/p? I was thinking...what goes through our minds when we binge and purge,or just before you purge period. For me, its just the thoughts and feelings of... 2
I'm In Pain I have been bulimic for about four years now. I have never gone more than a month when it comes to eating right and not throwing up what I had eaten... 1
Bloating Okay. I know I'm probably going over something that is incredibly basic, but is the bloating just something I'm going to have to get used to? I am... 3
Nausea and adjusting to non-purging Hey Guys, I haven't purged in several days - which is good for me as I am at the beginning of recovery ....again. However, my stomach just cant get... 1
Is it safe to purge after i get wisdom teeth out? Im getting my wisdom teeth out earile tomorrow morning and im gonna miss b/p ik i wont be able to eat anything at all unless im able to purge so idk... 7
Post-Nasal Drip????? I've had post-nasal drip for maybe two years now and can't figure out if it's a side effect of bulimia, or if it's as a result (quite likely) of... 1
Weight Gain or just Bloating?? I'm only 9 days in and have been doing extremely well, eating regularly, choosing food that I would normally avoid but not stuffing my face just... 4
amenorrhea -- is it weight related? i entered treatment last july, and lost my period for the 7 months while i was there i came home and went to the doc to see if there was any medical... 6
Teeth Hey after 8 years of bulimia, I am coming up 3 years free, Aside from the swollen glands sometimes, my teeth were an absolute mess so I saved up and... 2
I think we all may want to consider this I am almost certain that i am suffering from a candida overgrowth, (basically a yest infection of the intestines) I am showing almost every symptom....
Depressed and Confused! Really worried! I ve been b/p free for about 2 months now, but going almost without it for 4 months. It is still hard for me and the thougths and urges are... 6
Tooth Pain My teeth have been really hurting lately. I have had a huge relapse and have been purging more than ever. I am confident I am getting back on track... 2
Glue Poo Hello, Look away now if you're squeamish and don't like "bodily function questions" for i am Shameless Woman, Hear Me Roar - and am about to talk... 17
At what age did you become bulimic? hi I'm Jen, I am now 12[almost 13], I know, I'm very young. The first time I made myself vomit, was last summer, but I only did it about twice.... 194
amenorrhea hey everyone, i know we are not allowed to post anything about weight, but i want to know if anyone here has lost their period due to low weight. i... 1
What do you tell people w/o ED's when they ask you have lost weight? One day a family member asked me how many laxes she needed to take to hurry up and lose some weight. This was one of the first times anyone in my... 3
Chest pains!!! okay so it's happened to me before: i get these weird shooting pains on the left side of my chest starting at the bottom of my rib cage all the way... 31
Menstrual Cycle - HELP! I haven't had my period for 9 months..or more. I can't exactly remember. I'm not underweight, but I think it was because my body was in shock when I... 8
how I healed my reflux in 2 weeks im a recovered bulimic. i had severe reflux 2 weeks ago, and I was in severe pain. doctors thought i need a surgery to wrap my stomach/esophagus to... 8
Do NOT tell me this is true! I read that only 30% of Bulimics ever make a FULL recovery, meaning that the other 70% will relapse multiple times throughout life so Mia will never... 8
I'm sorry for asking this but I'm really curious.. i just want to know how many calories does your body take in when you purge right after a meal? Do you still get all the calories? And how do you... 4
heartburn! anyone get bad heartburn every now and then? i havent b/ped in a while, but ever since I developed this ED ive gotten more heartburn than i ever had... 2
Bradycardia, slow heartbeat So I have been going through a bunch of blood tests and stuff lately because I have been so tired and out of breath. I was diagnosed with bradycardia... 3
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