Side Effects of Bulimia

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wishing to die due to severe acid reflux an ex bulimic, 1 yr recovery, was purging type, purged for 6 months x 3 times per day.... i began bulimia as a way to deal with my bfs sudden... 3
Who is Mia to you? I know this may seem so strange, but it just hit me hard, I'm a total bulimic. I love it and I despise it. I want it but I want to be free from it. I... 9
Acid Reflux and aftermath of bulimia/eating disorder I have acid reflux defiently as a result of my bulimia,, I'm a binger/restricter type, and since I've been on a more normal eating plan I'm finding... 18
Gallbaddler surgery plus some hello all, I usually don't post here but I need friends and advice. I've come home from the hospital after about a week. It was a suppose to just a...
Purging without binging more dangerous? Is frequent purging with less in your stomach more dangerous than binging and purging and just binging alone? I've heard so many different things...
marks on the back of your hand Hi am wondering if other people who purge have the same bulimia marks on the backs of your hands, they make me super self conscious but then again... 6
body checking I no longer have a scale but i have noticed that I am starting to body check. I never really did this before. It started with just a grab here and...
bloating i am in the bloating stage and it is awful! i'm trying be positive about it and telling myself 'it's a healthy bloat", get though this and it gets... 2
Does tooth sensitivity automatically mean serious damage? Lately, every time I purge my teeth are really beginning to feel angry. I have only been a regular purger for a few months, and by regular, I mean at... 3
Hiccups? So I've had hiccups for a few years now. I think it started before the bulimia, but I'm not quite sure. I've been b/p free for 4 months now I think,...
Bladder problems from having Bulimia?? Hi guys,Im a newbie and in a lot of distress. Ive had bulimia for 20 years, with relatively few health problems, except for one, my bladder. I have... 2
Has anybody's teeth improved during recovery? Mine are wrecked and I need a bit of hope!!! :) 6
the cost of a gym membership and a dentist To anyone who hasn't been fighting with mia long enough to see effects... stop! Stop now. I owe $1300 for a gym membership I never used that I though... 4
enlarged salivary glands When I look in the mirror my face looks massive. Its enlarged on each side just in front of where my ears are. I have heard about the effect... 2
broken capillaries under eyes I was wondering if anyone had any advice for treating the broken capillaries under the eyes caused from purging. I'm pretty sure they're permanent...
kidney disease does anyone know anything about kidney disease and how it relates to bulimia. i just had a urine test done and they found protein in it, so they... 7
pregnancy and b/p Can you get pregnant when your a bulimic? or does bulimia inhibit pregnancy? anyone know what's the deal ? 6
Anyone with elevated liver enzymes? Last year I had some blood tests for school and learned my liver enzymes were slightly elevated. I don't drink or take any meds that would cause...
clubbed fingers through bulimia & laxative abuse Hi I was just wondering if any one else with long term Bulimia has the same problem as me, I have clubbed fingers?? This baffled me at first when a...
Blaming the side effects on other things.... I'm just reading through everybody's post etc & OMG! I can't believe the amount of symptoms I have that I had but convinced myself were caused by... 2
HELP ASAP -NECK/THROAT ISSUES Hey guys, I really need your help/advice/comments.. I’ve noticed you can really see the veins and tubes in my neck.. like right where my collar bone...
restrict binge purge restrict binge purge panic panic panic I once had a life; a life filled with things other than an obsession of what is filled in my pantry, in my stomach, what is coming out with my... 6
Bulimic tragic death . . . Hey everyone, i made this video to try an raise awareness, its about the issues with treatment. . . it took a long time and so i hope you'll take a... 11
Never Feeling Full So after years of struggling with bulimia, all of the binging has stretched out my stomach so much that now I never feel full. I seriously feel like... 3
Did anyone have a massive acne break out during recovery? Did anyone break out like mad during their recovery process? Of course there are B/Ps, but dang! Holy crap, for a good few weeks, I had pimples all... 32
i purge when i eat more than 800 calories. i started purging 5 months ago and as of now i'm consuming 800 calories or less. if i eat more than that i purge. i really want to eat more than that... 3
Periods? Maybe a bit of a touchy matter but it would be helpful.. Well, Have any of you missed periods? If so how many? And how many are too many in order to... 16
Purging for What? Let me first start of by saying that I “really” don’t binge. I purge after I have felt like I probably ate more than I should have because I’m afraid... 1
Partner's Responses? How do people's partners treat your ED? My husband went mad when he found out and does not understand. He has been very angry with me and tried to... 54
Anyone have > 20 days in recovery & still bloated? Hey everyone! I am 23 days b/p free now and I am still bloated on most days. I'm fine in the mornings and after my workout and breakfast, but then... 8
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