Side Effects of Bulimia

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When do you know it's time to go to the doctor? The stomach and chest pains are still there, my doctor said my blood pressures fine and she gave me gaviscon for the chest pains but i'm sure she...
Bad Stomach Acid. Somtimes after i've had my meals and snacks I go to bed but I'll be awakened by very bad stomach acid. I take zantac but it's no use - I mone and... 9
Tooth decay- Help! I have a tiny crack in my front tooth. I feel so terrible that I know it was caused by years of stomach acid washing over my teeth. Someday, after... 3
Health Scare! Today I had my pre-lim exams and i felt very dizzy ( been feeling this a lot recently, sight goes funny and all that, over heating etc) and then i... 3
So Scared To Go To The Dentist I'm paranoid. Recently I've been freaking out over the damage I have caused to my teeth as a result of my bulimia over the past 2 years, 4 months.... 18
Can Bulimia mess with your period? I've been looking for a lot of information on this topic, and have gotten mixed answers. I've been purging alot more than I used to these past few... 1
Blood test results? Hey everyone, just wondered if anyone has had a blood test while being bulimic.. and what this has shown? I'll dig up my most recent ones but from... 4
Stomach noises Please read: Use the forums for group discussions/ questions. For more personal entries please use your blog. Tip: Make sure your subject line is... 2
What if I binge straight after my normals meals? At the moment I'm resisting the temptation to run to the kitchen and eat all the bread I have. It's been about two hours. Normally, as soon as I... 1
Side Effects! Hey everyone, I've had bulimia for almost 10 years. I'm interested in hearing about what sort of side effects you all have had, especially... 114
correlation between Bulimia and Insomnia? How many of you have struggled with sleep issues? I have been suffering so much with insomnia and wondered if anyone else did too... I was just... 6
Depression and Eating Disorders I don't really know where this fits as a topic but what the heck right? Arguably, the majority of people sufferingwith eating disorders also suffer... 24
Dentists ... will they be judgemental? I haven't been to a dentist for 2 years now. Last time they said to me "how can someone with such perfect teeth in places have such massive cavities... 6
Anyone had an NG? Has anyone here had an NG before? My body is so screwed from the damage I have done my doctor said I have to have one until I get more nourishment....
Damage to throat and voice-is it permanent? I've done some bad damage to my vocal chords. I was in denial bout the link between thorwing up and the gradual degredation of my singing voice until... 4
scale not accurate after BP? I have recently been seein on this site multiple poeple mentining that the scale is not accurite when it comes to BPing. and also that the scale isnt...
RED eyes After I b/p I get large, red, hive-looking, bumps on my eye lids. (Now, I am not talking about the little tiny speckled dots that look like broken... 1
Have to go to hospital but parents don't know about ed? Hi, basically my doctor said I had to go to an eating disorder unit at hospital and referred me there, but the thing is ever since she's referred me... 1
sugar cravings i dont purge too often anymore im wondering if anyone else experiences crazy sugar cravings (im known as the girl who is always eatng candy now) and... 6
day 24 - Bloated, not bloated, bloated, not bloated Feeling good that i've come this far, but this bloomin bloating - sometimes its gone and then other days its back with a vengeance!! :( 6
im so cold is anyone else extremely cold all the time? 16
Day 25 - Banish the Bloat suggestions please? Day 25 and I'm feeling good. I really need some advice on banishing the bloat. I am drinking loads of water and trying to cut down on salty foods (... 8
VERY severe pains, anyone else had this? When i say severe i mean severe, last night lying in bed about an hour after a b/p i got this pain as if being stabbed in the low, just above pant... 11
sex drive.... gone! 3
Severe Abdominal Pain Anyone else? I think I have a yeast overgrowth as, which doesn't help any. 2
Bloatedness I never knew that Bloatedness was a side-effect of B/P, I just thought it was me! But after reading a few forums I've found that it is quite common.... 3
bipolar hi, I just want to ask if someone suffer from bipolar? Because I want to ask u some quetions :) 4
my heart i hurting from my b/p Hi.. I have b/p 3 times today and sometimes during this day my heart is huting me.. does anybody feel his heart is hurting too when u have purged? Is... 28
Bulimia has made we gain weight I've gained so much weight since I became bulimic. I was underweight before, but now I'm on the bigger side of "healthy/recommended" weight. I've... 43
Binging and Purging - How often? Hi there, This is a strange one, but I'm just wondering if there are different levels of this eating disorder? My ED varies so much, I can go weeks (... 1
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The information provided in this website is for information purposes only. The information on this website is NOT a substitute for proper diagnosis, treatment or the provision of advice by an appropriate health professional. Please refer to the full disclaimer and copyright. If you do think you might suffer from an eating disorder, it is important that you talk to your General Practitioner, as there are many physical complications that can arise from being at an unhealthily low weight or from losing weight very quickly, or from purging. We advise you to seek professional help with working on an eating disorder.


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