Side Effects of Bulimia

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Recovered! Selling my recovery books on ebay for cheap to any who may benefit :) Love yall and don't give up! Hey ladies and gentlemen. I used to be on BH incessantly. It, and you guys, helped me through a lot. I haven't been on in awhile as i was in the...
Who doesn't get a period? I was on the pill straight for five years, and I got off it eight or nine months ago, and I still have not gotten a period. I am not pregnant, and... 27
I keep dreaming of fainting and b/p@? I looked up what fainting in your dream means "If a young woman dreams of fainting, it denotes that she will fall into ill health and experience... 4
Please I need the answer Hi , everyone, I am in Asia but I need your help! I apologise in advance for my bad english ,but please help me , I worry so much. I have been... 4
Throwing up after every single thing i eat. Hey my lovely recovering bulimics. I hope your all doing ok. Anyway... Reseantly i have been finding myself throwing up everything i eat. Every meal... 19
Preoccupation. Instead of being preoccupied with binging and purging i'm going to become preoccupied with NOT binging or purging. Instead of going to any length to... 2
Parents and Bulimia? I am planning on telling my parents I have bulimia, but im so afraid of how they will react. I have had it 7.5 years. i went to a consellor and she... 1
My bulimia battle poem
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Do you think it's a really bad side effect? PLEASE HELP WORRIED! For the past month (been a sufferer for around 3) i've been really ill and had the physicaly had to change my relationship with food even more. What... 4
headaches so this is like my second question today i love the way you guys let me know your thoughts it feels good to know its not just me. So anyways back to... 5
Stomach bursting I've never struggled too much to throw up. However, last night i binged on very stodgy foods- did drink alot though and when i went to throw up, and... 2
Throat Cancer?! So I was in chemistry the other day and for no reason at all, my teacher brings up bulimia and he and a couple students get into this whole... 12
I AM SCARED am scared my stomach and chest is hurting a ton I have purged seventeen times this week since Monday and one day I did not purge at all.... Is this... 6
Is this normal? Is it normal for my throat burn so much after throwing up? Is my body use to it because it comes up by itself? 10
Do you have other 'impulses', whether it be alcohol, drugs, stealing, promiscuity? Not sure where I should post this but does anyone else suffer from the above? Basically you have other 'impulses', whether it be alcohol, drugs,... 50
Fluoxitine/Prozac I have been prescribed fluoxitine by my doctor to help with getting over bulimia. Ive been taking it 4about a week and i really think its beginning... 32
Constant Panic, anxiety and feeling like you're the worst person in the world? I am not as bad as i was although it comes in pangs. I felt in a constant state of panic for months, I felt like I was the worst person in the world... 19
Non-purging i was just wondering about what the health problems are as i'm a mix of purging( mostly) and non purging? Any other non purgers out they're as i don'... 2
stomach issues? ive been experiencing bad stomach issues in recovery (very recent changes) include sometimes diareha (however you spell that) general bloating/nausea... 3
Ear ache Ok, I am interested to hear if anyone else has a chronic problem with their ears. I am in the midst of a really really bad relapse at the moment (I'... 6
nutrasweet, equal, splenda beware just wondering how many of you ate or eat sugar free everything? nutra sweet, equal, splenda?? i o.d.'d on sugarless chemicals when younger and... 28
Hair loss?!!!? So I had purging bulimia for 2 years, and I notcied more and more my hair getting thinner. It's already thin to begin with. But what is even more... 11
Fatigue So I was just wondering if anyone else feels completely fatigued as a result from bulimia. Often I feel mentally fatigued, but I am currently feeling... 2
TV SHOW ABOUT EATING DISORDERS IS LOOKING FOR PARTICIPANTS The Channel Four Programme Supersize Vs. Superskinny is currently looking for people to take part in Series 4. Across the series we are hoping to... 3
Polycystic Ovaries I've just been told today that I have polycystic ovaries. I've been reading up on it and it says excess insulin may be a cause. this got me thinking... 1
Is it really Bulimia? I'm so confused. I joined this site because I have nowhere else to turn. But I feel like an impostor here, because I don't binge. I just eat. And... 2
Gynecological exam? First time! Help? I'm 21 this August, and have never been examined down there... I haven't had my period since somewhere around October 2008 (coming to two years, now... 5
Is this normal? So now since I have been bulimic I realize that I am getting full very quickly than i use to and food looks gross to me when I see it even if I know...
"Food porn"? Does anyone get triggered to binge by looking at "food porn"? It sounds weird, and I'm ashamed to say it, but sometimes right before a binge or even... 21
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