Side Effects of Bulimia

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it all runs in the family... Does anyone else have family members with either anorexia or bulimia? Everyone in my immediate family and a few in my extended family have one or... 1
After the binge: what can you do to recover your body? Hi! I was wondering what you guys did when the binges DO happen, to try and make yourself/body feel a bit better after? I get very dizzy, have a... 45
What has years of bulimia done to me??? Its been nearly 2 years since i engaged in any sort of bulimic activity. I do not visit these forums unless i'm feeling sorry for myself usually. I... 3
Kidney problem :( hi everyone, just curious if anyone else here has had kidney problems/failure. I have recently discovered that my left kidney has not been draining... 4
Concentration difficulties I have always a problem with concentrating. I think it might have been something that came with bulimia because I remember drawing and reading days... 1
Family History - and if so, how do your family help (or not!!) Does anybhody else have a family history of eating disorders? My mum definitely had an issue of bing eating and restricting and some fixations with... 9
kidney infection has anyone gotten a kidney infection? im not sure if i have one but my side/back is aching and everything feels a little funny down there... im not... 1
ED and ADD Anyone know or hear anything about a connection between the two? It seems when I take medication for it, I am less likely to bp. I have my own... 13
Medication for my ed and depression? Its been strongly recommended to me, that i should start taking anti depressants. Im so so scared to take them, what if i lose control over my... 2
Muscle cramps? Hey guys :) well last night I was getting something out my top drawer when my foot suddenly went into spasm, hehe it sounds funny I know but my word... 4
Anyone studying law? Even if you're not you might find this interesting. It's about a legal case where the DVLA revoked a woman's driving licence because her...
Exercise How many runners are there out there? I've been running off and on for the last 3 years and really see it as a recovery tool. When I run I feel at...
DON'T YOU HATE TV SHOWS... TV SHOWS THAT MAKE FUN OF PPL WITH EDs. I watch Family Guy n i know they are mean n sarcastic but i just hate to watch those episodes when they make... 20
Piercing Concerns Hey guys, I've been bulimic for a long time now and I've also had a my tounge pierced on and off for a couple of years. What I was wondering was do... 2
how long do your b/p sessions last? hey i've been bulimic for a while now and i was just wondering how long some other peoples bingeing and purging periods go for. because i can go on... 3
Anyone else suffer from GERD? Hey guys, I'm over 2 months b/p free, but just got an upper endoscopy because I've been some tummy trouble. The diagnosis is mild GERD (Gastro...
So Thirsty Hey guys, im just wondering if there are other people who get really thirsty!.. i am now on day 3 of no binge/purge and am constantly thirsty.. is...
Digestive problems Hello, there might have been some threads already on this issue, but I admit it I was too lazy to track them. So I have had GERD, and some other... 4
What is a 'bulimia hangover'? I 've heard of the phrase ' bulimia hangover' but have no idea what it is :) does anyone else know. I've looked it up but still can't understand... 5
Why do bulimics steal food? I do it too, but why is stealing food listed as a symptom of bulimia? What are most people's reasons for doing it? 11
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How long does it take for metabolism to kick in? Hey there, this is a question for Further recovered people on the board, How long has it taken you for your metabolism to kick back in? I've gained a...
Involuntary purge I have been bulimic for about 9 years now. I am not an every day B/Per. Usually 2-3 x's per week. Have gotten better recently. Has been over a week... 4
Eating Disorders And Diabetes As a Type 1 Diabetic, I know there's a major connection between Diabetes and Eating Disorders. According to research, people with Type 1 Diabetes are... 5
Helping a spouse underastand my eating disorder Hello. I am new to this site. I am 34 and my eating disorder began when I was 17. I am currently in recovery, but it is a rocky road. I have... 1
B/P routine? I'm just wondering if anyone else has a certain B/P routine that they generally follow? Recently, I have started getting into the habit of making... 13
Famous people with bulimia There is huge pressure for celebs to reach ridiculous skinny sizes these days. I bet back in the Marilyn Monroe's days there was not as much... 43
kidney issues what kind of kidney problems can bulimia potentially cause?
Horribly boat and odd dreams? Long story short, I haven't let my room/apartment in three weeks. I'm in grieving mode I guess and I'm in a horrible mist of a relapse. Anyway, I've... 1
Swollen Glands Can someone tell me how long it takes for my glands to not be so freaking swollen. It has almost been four consecutive days- and they are still... 23
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