Side Effects of Bulimia

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Experiences? What all experiences has everyone gone through?
Will throwing up rip my stomach open? I have peptic ulcers from my bulimia and i wondered how long it takes for acid to eat away at your stomach. If my ulcers get worse i'll need surgery... 1
Money down the drain... I'm on a fixed income and i've started blowing my money within the first few weeks on b/p. Then I start dumpster diving to get my "fix". I have a... 2
Low potassium Hi all new to this site!! Just wondered if anyone else has low potassium. for me its almost as bad as the illness. a good k for me is about 2.7 to 2.... 3
sleep issues can binges, bulimia interfere with sleep? i used to think that a 'food coma' would help me to sleep but now whenever i binge at night, i just end up... 2
HEARTBURN and BLISTERS ahhh. so I totally had a b/p episode last night. a pretty bad one. This morning my throat is burning...and I have this giant weird blister in my...
Has anyone else lost their interest in sex because of an ed? I know damaging effects of bulimia causes your hormones to go crazy. But, its horrible to say I dont mind when my husband goes upstairs to sleep... 35
importance of menstruation I know I'm terribly naiive to even be asking but the truth is...I have not had a menstruation cycle in almost...1 and 1/2 years serious IS... 5
Great questions to ask someone who has recovered from bulimia? Hi All, I need your input here. We are about to start interviewing inspirational people who have recovered from bulimia and I need to know what... 18
Bloating? I think im suffering from bloating :S. I feel uncomfortable and I put on weight in the last two weeks that seem impossibly high. I have actually been...
Can the body heal COMPLETELY? Its something not many people seem to have an outright answer for. I guess it all comes down to how bad your bulimia was. I always say that in my... 9
Complexion, Cheeks, Bloatedness I am new to this forum. I was wondering if any more recovered bulimics can tell me when the complexion should start to look fresh and healthy again... 2
I am always cold... Okay so i have been bulimcic for almost 3 years, i am always cold freezing sometimes to the point of shivering when evryone else is warm. On top of... 18
are receding gums reversible? i dont wanna go to the dentist. im hoping that by taking on a good dental regimen i can get my gums to heal. does anyone know if flossing, using...
comparing to others i can' t help but compare myself even though it is deminishing my self-esteem. help? 2
The Acid...maybe? Oh good god, my stomach seems to be on fire, FIRE i tell you! Anyway, i have been sick alot lately due to my huge desire to feast on everything i see... 2
triggers....? Ah, right now I'm so bored, All I keep thinking about is how annoyed my B.F makes me and how much of a trigger it seems for me, 1. Does anyone find... 22
Could this be a result from bulima? Hi there all. Lately in the last 1-3 months (where my bulimia has been pretty bad -.-) I've noticed some symptoms that are sorta worrying. First of... 1
Teeth hurting from bulimia, need help! Hi everyone, So I don't really consider myself to be bulimic (at least I don't think so) but I thought I would get help here. So I've... 6
Broken Blood Vessels My face is spotted like crazy. I assume its broken blood vessels... How long do these last for?? I feel like I can't go out in public like this. HELP! 2
Snoring and sweating? I have noticed that on my bad days of b/p, I find that when I go to bed I wake find myself waking up by my own snoring (along with sweating). I...
awkward belly flab does anyone know of a way to get rid of belly fab,i do loads of exercises,cardio and weights but it doesnt seem to shift.its doing my head in.i dont... 2
Purging gross yellow stuff? I am so glad this site is here. I am sort of freaking out. I purged yellow stuff that tasted horrible! I didn't eat anything yellow. I am just...
Strep throat? I have been suffering from bulimia for a little over two years now. I am not as severely bulimic as some people, but i went through a rough week...
Purging Just a query, does anyone else make themselves sick without actually sticking fingers / tootbrush etc down their throat? I have really strong stomach... 2
Has anyone ever had this pain/ache? For the past two weeks, I have had an ache midway between my chest and belly button after I purge that lasts a few hours. It hurts when I push on it... 2
Binge/Purge or just Binge? Just wondered - Do you guys think it's better to binge and purge or to binge, but resist purging? I know health -wise the latter is probably better,... 8
Counting days Hi Everybody, I just joined this recently. I guess my little history. I have had bulimia for 4 years now, on and off (i think longest off was 3... 11
Books regarding bulimia Hi All, Today i went to the bookstore and came across this autobiography of Camille de Peretti. See link: it's called I wanted to be skinny ( roughly... 1
Does purging give you red blotches on your neck? I get red and pink blotches on the right side of my neck after purging. They fade quickly but i was just wondering. 1
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