Treatment for Bulimia

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list 3 things you like about yourself.... As part of my treatment im undergoing I have homework for next weeks therapy session. I need to list 3 things I like about myself. im actually... 3
On the verge of relapse I'm back. And it's not good in my eyes but in a way I guess it is because I'm coming here first instead of purging! I've been purge free for 5 years... 1
Prozac Hi, I am having a rough time with binging and depression. I'm getting quite a lot of pressure from my dad to try prozac for depression as it helped... 5
Brain over binge Has anyone used the brain over binge workbook. Thanks. 1
Hypnotherapy I am at a point with my recovery where I really am willing to try any kind of help or treatment for Bulimia. I don't really purge anymore but still... 5
Cymbalta Has anyone taken cymbalta for anxiety/depression while in recovery? I am wondering what your experience was. Thank you! -Leesh 2
Anxiety/Depression Meds Hi friends, I was wondering what the experiences are for those who may be on medication currently? My mom, doctor, and coach are all encouraging me... 8
Prozac/Quetiapine/Pregabalin - experiences/opinions? Hi - I'm a newbie and really glad to be part of this programme :-). Hoping this method will help me as it has helped so many of you already. My...
Share what has WORKED for you! Since this is a support site, I think it will be good to share with others what things you have tried that have actually worked for you. Please share... 8
Celebrate Recovery I am coming out of a relapse from bulimia, but cannot afford therapy or any sort of OP treatment at the moment. I used to go to EDA and ANAD. I found... 2
Zyprexa Hi everyone I was just put on Prozac and Zyprexa. I just looked up Zyprexa and I'm freaking out because everything I'm reading says it causes major... 1
Remuda Ranch Has anyone here gotten treatment from Remuda ranch in Arizona? I am seriously considering going into a residential treatment facility. I live in... 5
how does here help ?? What I was hoping for was an online program that I could work through until I was accepted for treatment ...... Since I have joined I have found the... 3
Experiences with Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) ?? Hello my fellow recovery buddies ;) Today I was offered IPT at the ED clinic and was wondering if anyone has any experiences with it.? Has it helped... 2
Neuroplasticity: our brain is our best ally to recover! " Our brains are ever changing over the course of our lives. And your brain’s map is going to be determined by what you do day by day. You can start... 1
Too much WATER? I wanted to post this. Maybe it will help some people. For the longest time I thought I had extremely poor circulation because I would retain water...
Audio Tracks Hi i need help please! Im trying to download the Audio tracks onto my computer and MP3 player. However whenever i click on the link to do so it plays... 1
Treatment: Canadians and Insurance for the U.S. Super stoked to say I'm leaving for Utah in 4 days to attend the Center for Change and beat the piss outta bulimia. The only thing I'm stuck on now...
Food Addicts Anonymous After tonight call, I'm inspired to start a structured eating plan. After weeks of research the one I connect to most is the FAA Plan. http://www....
Reglan My doc just gave me Reglan for delayed stomach emptying or gastroparesis. I just read over the side effects and one is some sort of irreversible... 1
What To Expect At Residential My mom wants me to consider going to residential treatment as I'm struggling a lot and she doesn't think I'm getting enough help. What is...
Meditation and Bulimia In meditation recently I learned a technique that asks you label thoughts and let them pass by, instead of indulging in the rant that thoughts go... 4
SE with restrictions?? I'm kind of conflicted with how to eat for recovery ... my ED specialist has told me to completely avoid a number of foods. I am already vegan for... 5
Audio Tools I was just taking a look at the audio tools and was wondering if anyone has used them and has specifically experienced benefits? 5
Habits... 3
Structured Eating ?? I have heard several people talk about following thier structured diet plan for the day, but I do not know what the plan is... Wher do you guys find... 5
peoples persections yesterday while iwas driving to work, i had a talk back radio station on. and the dj just annouced that they were talking to some expert on eating... 2
High protein, low gl diet is working for me I have been working really hard at a nourishing diet, I'm using a stack of... 14
Light Box for depression Has anyone tried using a light box for depression. Apparently it mimics sunlight and if you expose yourself to it for a little while each day, it's... 2
Book: "The Diet Cure" (how to quit both dieting and binging) I first came across this book in 2003, long before my bulimia was anywhere close to being in remission. But it was a real eye-opener because it was... 7
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