Treatment for Bulimia

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Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture Has anybody tried acupuncture? I have my first appt. on Wednesday and was just wondering if it has been helpful for anyone. I am really hoping for... 9
Has anyone read BRAIN OVER BINGE? Just wondering if anyone has read the book Brain over Binge?? There was some reference to it in the ebook and I just downloaded it. I thought it... 10
how are things going? Hello everyone....... I am just stopping in to say hello. I have been here for 1 week now. Things are going well, although I have purged twice in... 5
LOVAN ANTI DEPRESSANT hey so i used to be on a medication called fluvoxamine that was an SSRI like Lovan and i was on it for about 3 months and it was treating anxiety,... 3
Health nut question Believe it or not I have always been a health nut. Sounds kind of crazy considering bulimia is just about the most un healthy thing you could ever... 6
seeing a therapist or self-help/support group Hi everybody, I just started with my recovery after almost 12 years of bulimia. Actually, I never tried to recover before because it was not "that... 1
Has anyone ever found therapy to do more harm than good? I have been seeing a therapist for about a month.. and honestly, it is not helping me. If anything is making things worse. Have any of you had... 7
swollen face- a.s.a.p. My english is bad, hope you'll understand, I have few questions: Why is my face so swollen??- I stopped vomiting or binge eating a month ago... Is it... 33
Naturopath after making some progress with my recovery by myself, i think i have come to a place where i can no longer make further steps without support. i... 6
Overeaters Anonymous Meetings Hi, I'm trying to work up the courage to go to an overeater's anonymous meeting. Can anyone tell me what they're like, how long they go for, if they... 1
What to do after a B/P What's the healthiest thing to do straight after a binge-purge? I always drink a load of water, but then I'm not sure what I shoud do. SOmetimes I... 4
Luvox for bulimia Hi Everyone, Part of my strategy in recovery is to combine therapy and anti-depressant medication with dietetics therapy. I've been struggling with... 1
finding a dietician I'm an australian living in the French countryside. I really need to talk to a dietician as I'm having trouble with meals/snack and learning what is... 1
Controversial Advice I've been receiving therapy for the past while and it's been very helpful so far. She seems very knowledgeable and intuitive but today she gave me a... 2
what to do hi, i suffered from an ed for years, i have gotten worse lately, i was diagnosed with bulimia few years ago and am now suffering with anorexia, im at... 3
suggestions - anti-binge foods; what makes you satisfied at dangerous times? (i.e - the afternoon/night) I am after any suggestions as to what type of foods, or any little tricks/habits that help others to avoid cravings/insane hunger at dangerous times... 7
paxil - paroxetine hydrochloride dear BH members, my doctor has recently prescribed paroxetine (20mg) tablets for me. i was complaining about my depression and thus the prescription... 1
How are you? I know people always ask how you are doing and we always say I am fine, but how are you really? How do you really feel? I know I am not fine, I am... 23
A new spin on Recovery: Separating Your Bad HABIT (Binging/Purging) from Your Emotions. This one story, which gives insight to a whole new perspective on bulimia recovery, has had more of an effect on me than all of the e.d. related... 3
peer support hey guys, haven't written on here in aaaaaaaaaaages but have been following your stories and admiring your courage. I am not sure if I am allowed to...
will group therapy help? Ok so I have been struggling with my recovery for a while now, and one of my main problems is finding someonw to talk too about it. I have done a... 1
edema in my legs :( Hello all :) hope everyone had a good weekend, I'm in australia so it's Sunday night back off to work tomorrow but that's ok cos im doin it with a... 4
recovery books Right now I am using a book called Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery. It has a 21-day plan to jumpstart your recovery that has slogans, activities,... 2
Nutritionist Can anyone help with suggestions for daily meal planning? I need to get on a proper schedule with foods that I feel comfortable with etc. 1
Treatment Does anyone know how much residential treatment costs approximately in canada? i really need to know this. i really want to get better but i cant do... 4
Seeking help I finally spoke to someone. I met with a counselor @ my university Mental Health Center yesterday. It felt nice to talk about it to someone so... 1
Food Journal What do you think of the food journal? If we could improve it what would you like to see?   7
The best books Which ones do you consider the most helpful written works for combating bulimia/binging? I like this one: 1
Inspirational quotes from our community After reading this page: Bulimia Quotes I was wondering if you have any you would like to share. 37
drugs that are working well . what drugs are working miracles for you? are there any out there that are helping anyone? tried adderal briefly for add and bulimia, and it... 12
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