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Recovered! Selling my recovery books on ebay for cheap to any who may benefit :) Love yall and don't give up! Hey ladies and gentlemen. I used to be on BH incessantly. It, and you guys, helped me through a lot. I haven't been on in awhile as i was in the... 2
parotid swelling!!!!!! Help... I really am serious about no more Binging n purging... I don't want my teeth to fall out and I cannot stand how fat its making my face!!!!!! Does... 5
Inpatient treatment for lower income people I've really fallen off the wagon & I feel completely out of control. I've been dealing with bulimia for way too long & I've gotten to the... 6
**doctor laughed** Hey everyone! In another post called ****INPATIENT TREATMENT**** I mentioned that I was giving inpatient treatment a second shot. Well . . When I was... 8
Self help groups Hey guys, hope you're all happy, doing well, or at least optimistic. I google searched "bulimics anonymous", and found this site, which seems to have... 2
A Bad Binge Trip I'm getting better then, worse... And, back again Will this cycle ever end It's a carnival ride cotton candy and funnel cakes scary clowns and child...
Therapy Today Never felt more alive and cleansed as I did today after my therapy session. 1. I use food to replace the actual human/relationship contact with... 3
KEEPING IT SIMPLE!! Looking back over the years..I see that as i became progressively more consumed by the disease i became way more into cooking ..I know most people... 4
excams periods is a trigger Do anyone have any tips how not to b/p at ur excams periods? I have excams this week and Iam binging ans sometimes purgign all the time! And Iam sure... 2
Treatment Hello, Since 8 years ı'm obsessed with weight, ı had anorexic periods, extreme dieting perionds, binge eating and boulimic periods and normal ones...
a question about professional help? Do you guys have any idea's on how to get professional help for my binge eating/bulima, without having tocost me and my parents too much money? (I... 4
Getting Help Just wondering if anyone knows if you can get inpatient treatment for this in the UK (adults and not underweight)? I have a therapist I really like... 1
Songs about Bulimia I find songs about bulimia and lyrics really inspirational and emotional and was just wondering if anyone else uses music as a helpful tool and wants... 37
Who has tried CBT? I'm just wondering...who has tried CBT? Was it beneficial for you? I'm thinking about looking into it... With the type of therapy I use now, I have... 2
Recovery music playlist! I'm making a playlist of songs that make me feel motivated or strong to listen to on my day 1 of recovery! Anyone have suggestions? 15
does anyone think this would work?? Just a random thought that i was pondering ast night while i should have been sleeping.... If there was a pill or a drink or something that... 1
Have you been to an intensive outpatient program? Hi all, I posted a few months ago about my girlfriend, who had just told me at the time that she was bulimic. Since then, she's been to see a...
What is your best tip or tool for recovery? Hi everyone, Was just interested in sharing some recovery tips... What is your best tip or tool for recovery? Mine is trying not to purge no matter... 18
Sleeping Pills After Dinner? I have really bad insomnia and have been prescribed sleeping pills but I hardly take them. I took a pill last night after dinner and two hours later... 7
I am trying really hard to recover I have really put in a mental effort to stop B/P yesterday was my first day and I did well, When i wanted to binge I sat there and wrote down my... 2
Continued treatment, after vacation Thursday, exhausted, I was thrown back into everything after coming back from my vacation. During the vacation time I was ok, I didn't B/P I knew I... 1
antidepressants and weight gain Hey, I'm sure many of you have experience with antidepressants. I've been on citalopram/celexa for about 8months now. Its been great wrt easing my... 3
Vitamin B Complex So...five days ago at the suggestion of my husband, I started taking vitamin B complex. Long story short, I feel f***ing great!!! I have more... 14
MISSION: DESTROY BULIMIA -please contribute! I've been thinking, we need small therapeutic activities to destroy our Bulimia and travel further along in our path to recovery. Anyone have any... 2
Keep Fighting!!! I just felt like I wanted to encourage you all today to keep fighting..I had an experience this week that really opened my eyes to how important...
Hypnotherapy Hi I'm new to this site and just wondered if anyone has tried hypnotherapy and found it to be useful? I tried it about 5 yrs ago and it didn't work... 5
Electrolytes Hi everyone! I have a bad food blog habit, but some good things do come out of that. By chance, I read something someone had written about coconut... 1
Positive Affirmations I have had an EXCEEDINGLY HARD time with my mental state of mind during recovery these past two months. Needless to say, I've actually digressed. And... 1
Who or what is your motivation behind stopping bullimia? I find it a huge motivation to stop when i think about how badly this is affecting my family and how much i worry my closest friends on many... 47
Medications Hi everyone. I just came back from my weekly session at the psychiatrist and after she had told me last week already that I have depression with... 30
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