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Telling a friend?! I am so tired today and it came right after I told a friend about my bulimia. She is the first person that I am close to I told. I told her in an... 3
susie orbach Has anyone read any books by Susie Orbach? I'd recommend her little one called On Eating. It's a little pocket-sized book, not necessarily a self... 1
PLEASE WATCH THIS INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO Hi everyone, this video took me forever and im real proud of it. . . please take a look i think you'll find it helpful, it was great making it:) xxx...
Metabolism Hi guys, I hear a lot of talk on here about how an eating disorder, or any extreme dieting really, can slow metabolism, and actually cause weight... 19
Chewing gum - help or hindrance? I've been doing remarkably well recently. I'm coming up to 3 months purge free (next week :D) and my binging has diminished. I have had very few very... 2
RECOVERY!!!:-D I just read a woman's comment on her bulimia and when you read something like it just really helps you want to recover!! So please read!:-D At a very...
Should I tell my new boyfriend? I have been dating a guy for about 6 weeks. I like him a lot, and the direction of the relationship seems to be serious, except for the fact that I... 19
Wellbutrin? Is anyone on the antidepressant Wellbutrin? There is a lower seizure threshold warning for bulimics that is worrying me
Warning about Topomax prescribed for B/Ping Topomax is prescribed sometimes to control addictive behavior, including bingeing and purging. If you are thinking about taking Topomax or you know... 3
Amazing Book I'm reading "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. It is an amazing an inspiring book about the true inner power of women.... 1
sleep, bloating, body image!!! ANYONE WITH ADVICE AND SUPPORT! Hey so im 20 days free of b/p and yesterday was hard. I had my 3 meals and 2 snacks. Although one snack was a forbidden food and i am like ahhh and... 6
The Book Thread! How predictable that i should start a thread with this title, but i thought i would start it anyway. What books do you own and/or what books have you... 11
Help and Advice Channel Four TV Programme The Channel Four Programme Supersize Vs. Superskinny are currently looking for people to take part in Series 4. Across the series we are hoping to... 4
Motivaion (uplifting) songs! Here's some songs i listen too when i'm feeling down X/x I am only 14 but i tend to listen to old music :)
Wellbutrin Has anyone else tried this medication? I just started the generic version of Wellbutrin. Online I have read that for many people the generic version... 5
Hobbies and Art Therapy - your thoughts? Hi guys - I'm wondering if any of you have been to art therapy or have used art as a part of your recovery on your own. I used to draw ALL the time... 4
clinic and other forms of help. Has anyone been to a clinic before? Im in at a stage where all i want to do is be 'locked' away from reality and have 24 hour help. I know this is...
How do I get over other people? Im not sure how one would give advice on this topic, but does anyone have any practical tips on how to stop caring what other people think? Not only... 1
Stomach problems I am really trying to recover but every time I eat somewhat normal and keep my food I get such stomach cramps. It's painful and I get really bloated... 2
Found a picture of me when i was bulimic! I'm on the right 24
in need of good coping mechanisms hi all, could REALLY use some good coping mechanisms right about now. I'm getting way too wrapped up in the binge cycles, cravings, and anger with... 4
Stomach Pain I am 47 years old and have had bulimia since November of 2005. I stopped throwing up about 2 weeks ago....I've had stomach pain and digestion... 2
Hypnotherapy and NLP - Has anyone tried it? I have recently completely admitted to my bulimia and anorexia and since have been recommended to see a specialist in dealing with bulimia. She... 9
New Recovery Tips Suggestions Welcome! Hi Folks, its about time I updated the recovery tips (in the top right hand corner). Everyone seems to love them. I would love to hear your... 11
healthy coping mechanisms and other ways to 'reward' myself I have a bad habit of feeling especially at the end of the day's work - oh, i worked hard so - i will treat myself to something I really like or want...
CARB FREE NOODLES AND RICE!! If your anything like me, and found it hard to stick to a plan, get tempted by delishes meals, but dont want to feel "guilt" after eating them, then... 20
Hypnotherapy Has anyone tried it with success? Or in fact with failure? I'm tempted, but it's not cheap, so I'd like to know if you guys think it's worth it or... 2
Healthy weight How do I know what my weight is supposed to be? Will it be right to simply make sure I stay in the "healthy" category for my BMI? Ok and I'd have... 3
Reintroducing Trigger Foods Has anyone successfully reintroduced a trigger food back into their diet? I have this particular trigger food. It's very healthy and I absolutely... 1
Should I tell? I've been in recovery for over a month now. My boyfriend is the only one who knows about my disorder. Lately I've been wondering if I should tell my... 4
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