Treatment for Bulimia

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Self Help Books I generally find them pretty unhelpful, but there's a book I got a few weeks back that I really like & which has helped me. It's called On... 1
Reading Material Hello All. Wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for reading material that helps in recovery. I have "Overcoming Bulimia" and I know that I...
Is anyone on 60 mg prozac? I just started 60mg prozac to help with the urge to b/p. Is anyone else on this? Did it help? 3
does anyone eat after a b/p? if so, what kinds of food/ drink? 2
is there anything in particular anyone does after a purge to feel better? is there anything in particular anyone does after a purge to feel better? like eat something or drink something to try replenish the body? 1
The REAL you :) I was thinking the other day about how I use to be and look like, before I had this eating disorder, and soooo...longing to be back there again! What... 16
Good laxative teas? I'm slowly recovering and - like a lot of people on here I'm sure - want to regulate my digestion and bowel movements. I don't want to take... 5
You win, Prozac. When my bulimia first started developing, I was restricting heavily and "scared" of any food off my safe list. I would would uncontrollably binge... 5
candida Has anyone had any issues with candida overgrowth? Eds and candida very often link up. anti candida diets can help get it under control, as well as... 14
My blog. Ok, so im on my way to recovery and i've started a blog. I'm going to write about how im coping and my thoughts about it all. It might not all be... 1
Motivational Songs Hey, Im now on my 10th day of B/P free and im starting to feel like my old self again........i know i have a long way to go. My skin is looking great... 2
Would love to have you by my side Hello everybody, I have been around this site for quite some days, and this site has been a huge supportive system for me!! I guess this site was... 2
day 1 Im back after a year. It seems that even just posting a status of "day 1" .. "day 2" .. etc is what kept me on track last time. Even though i dont...
Videotape yourself It seems that if one hates doing something so much why on earth would they do it in the first place! Maybe the explanation could be that I simply... 11
very useful links to the recovery tools that were on the old version of this site for some reason there is no longer a direct link to these tools on the new site, but i have had a link stored in my favourites and it still works,... 1
Can structured eatinghelp me lose weight? what is structured eating exactly? i'm currently overeating and b/ping could i possibly lose weight from structured eating and exercise? I really...
IMPORTANT: A Recovery Mantra For Low Points This is my mantra and what I read or remember when I feel bad about myself, when I am about to binge and purge or at any other time when I am or am... 1
Dealing with negative emotions without b/p Anyone have any interesting or unique ideas? I already journal and love it but it doesn't always make me feel better. 3
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skillz! I was fortunate to enter an in-patient recovery center after four years of bulimia, but still struggle almost two years after I was admitted. It's...
has anyone tried hypnotherapy? is it worth a try?
During A Binge, Try To Calculate All The Calories You're Consuming! A Strange Way Of Distracting Yourself From Binging. I know..this may sound weird but it works! At least it worked for me! This morning I was on a binge with food after I ate a few food products I... 9
New here. :/ Im new here. Wish i wasn't. I'll start off by saying, i have bulimia. :/ I wish i didnt, it started out when i got food poisoning and i was throwing...
INPATIENT AND RECOVERY! PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ! I just came home today after being admitted to an inpatient facility for the treatment of eating disorders. If I could tell you everything I... 11
Stories and videos Some real life stories which i thought you might like:
teaspoon og oil Hey my dear friends I hope u r well, I just want to say that before Iam getting started in my treatment I had to go to a "lesson" how it is in this... 7
help from recovering bulimics hi i have joined today after reading lots of blogs and getting some advice. I have been bulimic for 6 years. i had a spell where i was bulimic free... 1
councelling / therapy sessions, have these helped you with your recovery? i've just reached the 2 year mark since i first went, im so shocked it has been that long! not sure if i should quit, just wondering how session have... 2
Alternative Treatments Has anyone tried "alternative" or holistic treatments like acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, energy healing or the like? I was reading about... 5
Lost. Its been 4 years my whole university experience I have suffered with Bulimia my course is coming to an end and I look back and feel so angry that I... 2
Friends/significant others with drinking problems So, I am just wondering if anyone out there struggles with drinking issue but lives with significant others, or friends that also have drinking... 2
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