Treatment for Bulimia

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The Mood Cure I came across a book suggestion from someone on this site & I cannot remember where I was on the site (still new) it is called The Mood Cure...
Craving Triggers I have found that EVERYTHING tends to be a trigger for a craving or a binge- just the other day, I was talking to the lady at the vitamin store and... 1
Craving Triggers I have found that EVERYTHING tends to be a trigger for a craving or a binge- just the other day, I was talking to the lady at the vitamin store and... 1
professional help I wanna ask if somone of u is getting professional help to recover ur bulimia. If u do can u plz write how it is and if u think it help u? 8
Hypnotherapy I'm considering giving Hypnotherapy a shot. Anyone try it? Did it work? 2
sleep well:) hi, try to sleep 12h a day and u will not be so tired and therefore not overeat :) 5
Routine Routine Routine.. Yawn! Okay so in the past couple of months, I have started to get myself into a rigid routine in order to occupy my mind, never have a spare moment to b/p... 6
Please look into this! Research your little booties off Hey everyone! okk so! i discovered this thing called "brainwave balancing" it's somewhat expensive.. somewhat might be an understatement. But look... 5
telling others Has anyone had to deal with trying to recover while living with their significant other? How do you deal with the situation. I'm having trouble...
i just tried hypnotherapy hi all i just finished a hypnotherapy session im not cured - but i definitely feel alot CALMER which is unusual for me as im usually an anxious... 3
finding balance hey this website has some good self help resources and faqs too. its a little spiritual/religious. angela
OA meetings Has anyone ever been to an OA meeting? What did you think? what was it like..?
scales iv found that not weighing myself really, really helps with not obsessin over what food i can and cant eat. iv been going on how my body looks not... 4
What helped me... Hey guys. I had previously writen this as a blog but I'll post it here too so many of you's can read it :) Well I've decided to write a blog bcuz I... 7
Recovery and Psychiatry I've been on antidepressants twice in my life (wellbutrin), the first time like 3 years ago, was on them for bout 8 mnths and felt awesome. Then I... 2
treatment has anyone tried a short stay in a residential ED center to get help with changing binge eating habits/to learn how to eat structured in an intense... 2
Song for Recovery I'm bored! Who wants to write a song? No rules (except the obvious no-triggering stuff) All you have to do is ad the next line! "Staring in at you,...
I no longer buy celeb mags or watch rubbish like 'America's top model'- Less of a reminder I need to be rake thin to be perfect If we all leave an idea here each, something easy and simple like the one above- we could roll them all together, try them all out at as they are... 12
what is the first step towards recovery? i'm from Romania, a small country in Europe, we dont have here any Ed groups, any doctors specialised in ED's or anyone to talk to, which do you... 2
What do you LOVE yourself for? Hi everyone, i was thinking today about counter balancing (as much as possible)my negative feelings towards myself. Its very easy for us to pick... 7
Dear E.D. I remember when I was introduced to you for the first time. Feeling alone and isolated, you were quick to take me in to help those feelings subside.... 6
If you're in the UK what help do you get/have you had?? I've been contemplating seeing my doctor again to ask to be signposted to some places/people who can help me further. While I've been doing good on... 4
Things that have worked I've seen alot of people post things that have worked for them but then stopped working. I thought it might be good for people to post things that... 3
zoloft I was wondering if anyone has experience with this med? I started it a little over a week ago - I am not noticing anything at this point. Did... 1
dbt i've resently been adviced to take part in dialectical behaviour therapy. does anyone have any experience of this? i didn't find cbt helpful and i'm... 3
Donde estas las Canadians??? Anybody per chance in Saskatchewan?? 1
hospitalization...? does it work? I don't feel well at all, I'm tired of this problem, and I'm tired of making my family suffer. So I was thinking of staying in an hospital for a... 2
does anyone live in charleston south carolina or anywhere even close?? or have unlimited texting? i love how helpful this site is and if i had an iphone or palm pre i would always be signed on b/c lord knows i need the constant support; bulimia... 3
period? Hey people Im getting serious worried because when i started restricting i immediatly lost my period. Soon after i became bulimic. My last real... 2
YouTube I have gone two days going on three without binging, I was so desperate I started doing all the research I can find, the thing that helped me the... 6
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