Treatment for Bulimia

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Zoloft Has anyone taken Zoloft? I have been given a prescription but I am afraid to take it. The DR said there is not weight gain - but I have read on some... 4
Who knows about your ED? 'Who to tell dilemma'! Afternoon all First post so not sure where to start but, in a nutshell, I've had anorexia/bulimia for 13 years. I oscillate from one to the other and... 7
Binge Minus Purge = Accomplishment? I have not gone without purging in well over a month during this so called relapse. I am attempting now to convince myself to not worry about what I... 6
medication is there medication that can help with recovery?? i don't know WHAT kind of medication could possibly help this, but i've been in recovery for almost... 3
Maryland I came across the following notice at my work and thought it might be of interest to anyone in Maryland as 6 weeks of outpatient treatment is...
what now? I'm stuck. I went to see a psychologist today who kept asking me what I wanted to get out of the session. After about the 5th time with the answer... 3
Chat? Hi all, I am happy to have found this site and this post is not meant to criticize it. However, I was wondering if ANYONE knows of an interactive... 4
how to deal with anxiety after eating any tips??? i dont have a appetite anymore, im not used to the amount of food i have to eat with my deal plan and im just very overwhelmed and... 2
Types of therapy Hi - I'm new to the site and looking for help outside of counseling. I've been in and out of counseling for the past 6 yrs for my ED, and obviously...
Awesome song :-) I feel in love with this band years and years ago but totally forgot about them until my itunes happened to shuffle upon them! This song is awesome...
Never EVER Give Up When your life is hard and difficulties seem to appear whichever way you turn, it is natural to feel dejected. WHen we are within the midst of a... 1
ANYONE TRIED OA? I am from a small town and the only ED support group (as in anorexia and bulimia) is 2 hours away. i am aware of some overeaters anonymous closer to... 7
money money money Food (especially binge food is expensive). I'm a student at the moment and i worry about money..and sometimes cope through binging! I had a thought... 2
does the thought buster help you? Any body else find the thought buster really helpful? I've been using it for negative thoughts that get replayed in my head, and it's really helped...
What's Your Source of Motivation? I think right now, the biggest obstacle I'm facing is finding the motivation to really make a commitment to fighting this thing. I want to beat it,... 7
Where do I find help? So I'm in somewhat of a predicament. I want to get help - see a therapist, nutritionist, etc. However, I don't want to tell my parents and I've... 4
Professional help in Australia? Has anyone accessed professional help in Aust. that has actually been beneficial to them? (e.g. counsellors, psychologists, dieticians, GP's etc) How... 4
medications On monday I finally went to the doctor after my mom and I decided that medication might be a good option. I was prescribed a low dose of fluoxetine (... 1
twitter? have you joined which kind of people do you follow`? does it distract you sometimes? does it help you in some way? 3
EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques my therapist is doing EFT with me and teaching me to do it myself. does any one else do it or know about it? we only just... 4
my f-ing kharma...does that mean I deserve this stupid week? I'm having the worst week possible. First I was turned down from yet another job interview, then I lost $200 worth of wakeboarding equipment, then...
tips on gaining weight hi guys, just something i really need to be reminded of while i'm trying to recover... i'm gaining although slowly, but still underweight. i wanted... 1
Scared to eat Okay, So i am happy to say i have been over a week now with no binging or purging of any sort. I dont think im restricting either, if i am its not on... 2
How We Recover This is a topic I'd like to specifically gear towards people with at least a month free of b/p. Though, of course, all questions and comments are...
meal plan help: need immediately! today my dad really threatened me. after telling me how rotten of a person i was, and how i should feel so guilty for having this ED and wrecking my...
Cooking as therapy? So I have always loved to cook, and recently, I have been using that love to keep me from binging. It's hard to control myself around food. I want to... 3
the best recovery books you have ever read Which one would you recommend to find really good help / advice to win this struggle? 5
EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques my therapist is doing EFT with me and teaching me to do it myself. does any one else do it or know about it? we only just...
Is anyone going to the NEDA conference???? I am planning on going to the NEDA conference in september. I wanted to know if anyone is going so maybe we could share a room to cut down costs. I...
Recovery Buddy Does any one want to be my recovery buddy? I thought it might be nice to have a buddy who was able to chat on the phone sometimes. For that reason it... 1
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