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Bulimia recovery and relationships I'm back, after not really spending much time on here. But I really need a community to support me with my recovery so I thought I'd give this a... 5
Bulimia recovery and Boyfriend/dating? I want a boyfriend but I'm not sure whether I should just focus on recovery. Can date and get a boyfriend at the same time? What are your thoughts or...
Friendships Hello all, the topic Friendships has been brought up quite some times on the forum. I wanted to update the talk and thoughts on that. I am now in my... 4
kids nutrition I need help... I have a 4 year old wonderful daughter, and sometimes I just see that I am doing something harmful to her... Just today, when she told... 2
Is getting a hormone IUD a bad idea? help! I've recently started a potential relationship and it's got me thinking about safety in the future (I don't believe this is unreasonable considering... 1
How to Communicate with Supportive Boyfriend? Hello you beautiful people, I have just recently moved in with my boyfriend. He knows about my ED, he is amazingly supportive and caring and wants... 1
family Bulimia has taking over my entire life! I put it first over everthing and I am dying to change! My family are sick of my eating disorder and get...
No help from doctors or dietitians **Hope this isn't triggering for anyone. I don't specifically mention weight numbers but I do talk about my body size and eating very briefly**... 3
How to stop others commenting on your food? Hi everyone I just need to get it out, I am currently on holidays with a group of friends overseas. One of them is great fun but has also had an ED,... 4
Harsh things your partner can say So last night my boyfriend and I went out to a restaurant for dinner. We don't make time for each other very much because we always invite friends,... 4
Friends I just realized this weekend that I don't have friends. I mean, I know lots of people and I've dated a lot (till the current relationship, that is),... 7
Perfectionism Hey guys, Does anyone out there think his eating disorders is related to his perfectionist behaviours. I feel like my disorder has a strong... 2
Hoarding and lying I am a hoarder. But only of bad ed related things. I hoard gum,Splenda, food, candy, and money. I hoard so much I forget where I have hidden... 3
LIFE WITH AN EATING DISORDER How are we supposed to live in this world when our minds fill us with urges, self-hatred, resentment, pain, hurt and FEAR. With an eating disorder, a... 9
Ashamed? The fact i'm bulimic is now known by practically everyone I know. Over the years I told my sister's, my mum, my dad, my cousin (who asked) and... 4
"Typical parents" of bulimics? I know, it sounds a bit insane, but I just can't get it out of my head. I read an article, in fact several articles, a few weeks ago about bulimia,... 34
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Help! My sister in law constantly talks to me about diets! Hi everyone :) I hope you are all well! My sister in law has struggled with her weight her whole life, and want's to loose about 30-40kg to be in the... 4
Do you ever feel unloveable? Hi everyone! Now this is a big one for me, and I would be keen to hear others experiences with this. I sometimes freak out and think that I will... 6
Real Beauty Sketches This is a Gift for each of us. For me, a very well done video-adv. I cry of Joy and Compassion for myself and all the persons on this planet who don'... 6
Bingeing as a reaction to feeling Overwhelmed I have been fumbling with bulimia for over 10 years, and though my B/P track record this past year (not very pretty) wouldn't show it, I've been... 4
How do you get the courage to change things? Hi there! S I have finally finished uni, and am 80% recovered from my ED. I can now move out of the city I live which has been my wosh for a while.... 1
Getting Dumped During Recovery For the past couple of months, I've been accused non-stop of being selfish and "all about ME ME ME" and for some reason, significant others can't get... 3
slip up what do you do when you have a slip up are so motivated to get back on the train of 3months purge free and are hard enough on yourself about this and... 3
Bulimia & Your Marriage Since trying to recover from Bulimia, my marriage has been put to the test! We fight alot more and about silly things like how messy the home is or... 3
Telling your mum that you have bulimia Hey, I have been seeing a phycologist for awhile now, and at the start I was like there is no way I am telling my mum I have this because when I was... 2
Feeling judged I just realized that I was extremely afraid of people's judgement regarding my weight. I never realized it before. I use to act as if I didn't care,... 4
Being Trusting In A New Relationship Hi all! So I met a guy a few weeks ago and we spent 2 weeks together. I am now away for 3 weeks. Things started quite strongly. I am really... 4
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Hard to handle! Hi, It's been 3 months since I started the recovery. I'm pretty pride; I don't purge anymore, I started to think in other things even if I continue... 1
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