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Anyone In Norway who could be interested In making a" motivation-group"!? I live close to Oslo and am on my way into recovery. I need to share with people living close by and being able to encourage and be encouraged. I...
Employment, Careers & Mental health history I'm always worried that if I admit my ED to anyone, by telling a friend, or seeing a councellor/doctor, or even posting here, it will come back to be... 3
Giving up complacency Hi! I woke up feeling different. I made the decision to give up my complacency. Being cynical is easy. But how well does it actually help me? Being...
Anti-social/Claustrophobic I find myself avoiding people in general, desiring to walk around like a ghost. I hate being acknowledged. When someone sits next to me on the bus, I... 2
Glee - bulimia plot arc This goes to everyone who might still be watching Glee. I used to be a huge fan back during season 1, now I only watch because it hase a few good... 1
accommodation in university - shared or studio?! So confused! I had my dsa assessment for university which I'm starting in September, they count eating disorders as a disability as it can & will... 4
Pushing boyfriend away... do other people do this? Hi everyone. I have noticed that as my restrictive behaviours have started coming back (I tried recovering and didn't do it properly and so now I am... 9
Do we have to pretend? I'm thinking about coming out to a somewhat wider circle of people and would very much appreciate any advice or experience shared. My parents know,... 14
my husband just left me because he says i am 'stealing his food' Yes, thats right. He was away last night and I ate the whole bag of his opened fruit licorice snack things, and even though I replaced the bag (i... 5
Has anyone given up on their best friend? So right now I'm in my 2nd year of uni and I've just told my best friend to give me space cos I think she's going to cause me to binge soon. Right... 5
'Thin models' in the media Everything is aware of ED's and the effect that the media has on people - women especially. I dont understand how the media continues to use skinny...
How to tell your family and friends? Hi all, I am new here. This is my second day as a member, and I have to say I already feel that I am being changed from the inside out. Finding this... 7
Giving Blood!! Hi All I was watching a show on tv this evening and it just hit me that in a reasonable amount of time, say 6 months to 12 months and I should be... 2
am i paranoid since starting this journey i feel very blessed with my progress at work, im happy confident and now have great relationships with my staff. at home... 3
Tackling the Day! Hello all, Just wanting to talk to someone about a stressful moment that should start any minute. The anxiety has led me to anger, joy, annoyance,... 2
Advice to cope with stressful moment Hi everyone. I'm naturally anxious but find slowly how to cope with this. My question here is: when you have something very very stressful coming up... 6
The Effects Celebritys have on my brain... I didn't know it even affected me! I went to a Girls Aloud concert on Sunday with my best friend and had an absolute blast... up until the last hour! We had went out for a nice dinner... 2
I told my husband today... Today I told my husband. I've been working so hard to protect this secret bulimic life from everyone around me since I was 18. I've been married for... 2
A question for you???? I was wondering and interested in other people's thoughts on this. This morning i was walking by the river when I saw a girl of probably around 17... 6
Telling Your Husband I'm new to the site and today's my first day of structured eating! I read that there would be bloating but now that I am experiencing it, I had no... 4
Research about the influences media has on delvelopmental body image and self-portrayal. I'm currently doing an assignment for one of my psychology classes. We have to frequently Post online discussions related to the topics that the...
Anyone else snowbound by Nemo? I'm really having a rough time with this blizzard. I woke up to find myself literally snowed into my house - snow is up to my waist and I can't open... 2
Old friends Old habits I have some old friends coming to visit from overseas. While they are not staying with me they will want to catch up. Unfortunately I use to drink... 4
I just told my boyfriend I have bulimia and I wish it had gone better I have had bulimia for 12 years. I have been with my boyfriend for 18 months. I joined the program a week ago. He knows about my bulimia but I... 4
Already worried about Friday Hi, I agreed to go out with friends Friday night. We'll be driving to the city for dinner, drinks, and dancing. I'm not at any risk for BP at this... 4
Munchausen Syndrome By Internet Hey all, so I understand that this site originated in AU, correct? I am American, and we have a growing problem here with something called Munchausen... 8
IUD birth control-need advice!! I don't know if this is the right place to post this... Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about the Paragard IUD? It is the copper, non-... 2
Gain my control back !!!! 3 Years ago i suffered from eating disorder. i lost a lot of weight. After breaking up with my fiancé ( i was in abusive and controlling... 1
Disappointing people I just feel like, especially at this time of year and mainly because the eating disorder gets worse (always), that I am constantly letting people... 3
Such a hard decision, but I'm proud Tonight I had to make the hardest decision ever. Some of my family is in town and we were going to watch a movie at my parents house tonight. But... 2
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