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Fears of overwhelming friends The holidays are notoriously hard for me on a number of levels. Lately, I am have been really struggling with overexercising and I am beginning to... 2
Told my boyfriend... now love him even more It was lingering on my tongue from the moment he got home from work last night. After starting my first day in recovery and feeling strong it seemed... 2
My Boyfriend is Making Comments About My Weight Gain Well, i tried to discuss with my asshole boyfriend some of the issues regarding my bulimia. I had relapsed about 2 years ago after i quit smoking and... 5
telling someone you love about bulimia ..... 4
Spent all morning talking with God and realized some crazy cool stuff! :) That's a link to my blog where I wrote all about it, if your interested... 4
need help, clarity Is recovering at my own pace bad? I mean i am not fasting or doing anything absurd. I just feel like my family really puts pressure on me to recover... 3
Great book on emotional freedom! Read it! I highly recommend 'Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform your Life." It's a lifesaver. Just read a few of the... 1
Entering month 6 5 complete months since joined the bulimia help method. So far, the most relevant issues: 1.- Personality: I´s like a funny, smart and happy woman is... 5
Troubled relationship with mom Hey guys! So my mom and I have never had the best relationship, I've always been a daddy's girl and my mom has always catered more to my older... 3
PTSD I have been reading about this condition, complex PTSD. I think it could be relevent to many of us. It is a fairly new disorder & is not in the... 3
Friendships I've been having a very hard time dealing with my best friend throughout recovery. I feel like I'm not close with alot of my former friends so in... 1
Family Cant take my slips I feel as though my family are very supportive, however this si only when things are going well! I have told them about my ED - they know what I do... 2
Can't stop being a complete b**ch towards parents, especially father I really hate being anything but nice to people, whether it be my need to please people or not. I really hate giving anyone attitude and try my... 1
Husband issues So mostly my husband is very supportive of of me and getting help for this illness, however he doesnt understand the war that goes on in my head... 3
Relationship problems exacebate bingeing
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Topic: This is stupid My mom woke up to make food this morning, but the fridge was empty. She came to me and asked me why i eat so much and still lose weight, ARE YOU ON... 12
I can't handle it anymore I am tired of life. I feel like I am hitting rock bottom. Food is the only thing I look forward to every day. I feel like I'm drowning and there is... 5
social issues, aloneness, anxiety, akwardness, help im seventeen, never had a boyfriend, no friends. Im very shy, socially akward most of the time and i have a lot of anxiety when im confronted with... 6
DOES BULIMIA AFFECT YOUR WORK AND SOCIAL LIFE... I was wondering if this Ed affects your work and social life too or am I the only one?? 32
Mothers It is mothers day tomorrow. I want to create a place for you guys to talk about the negatives & positives of mothers & mothering. I am...
Understanding eating and not eating Am I right in thinking this?? I would appreciate your thoughts and experiences. I am following SE still and occasionally I will notice I am extra... 6
Miss Representation I was delighted to see this! It's really good. Even though the organisation itself is specific to the U.S., the film has, of course, great... 1
***GREAT ARTICLE*** This article made me cry. It just simplifies everything for others that aren't going through the same thing we are. I found this a good one to show... 1
Eating with others I get so confused by what other people eat. I feel like i need to reeducate my eating habits and beliefs but I have so many confusing 'models' around... 3
A question please I have a question and would appreciate any advice. In life we go through situations, they may be good they may be bad. If we don't like something we... 5
Telling "her" or "him"--generational differences? I recently started dating someone who was born in a different generation than me. I haven't yet told him about my ED, though I haven't been binging... 2
How to tell people? I read the tips on talking to people about bulimia, but I still feel very lost. For one, I have had serious (and obvious) EDs for years. My parents... 1
How has bulimia ruined your relationships? I am single and it has been so long since i have been in a real, intimate relationship. I believe that having bulimia was somehow to blame...I... 95
Telling the truth to my parents/family My family is really supportive, but when they ask me how have i been doing with my bulimia, i dont know how to be really honest with them because i...
Mother dearest I eat and purge, sometimes i can hold it in if its a good day but usually I spend days without any food in my system. I usually eat lunch in school,...
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