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My Daughters' Future Wellbeing **** do, My eldest who is 7.5yrs old asked me "Why do you weigh everything you eat mummy?" I didnt really answer her other than to say...
When is it okay to inform the world about Bulimia/EDS? Hi girls, This is a question I've wondered a lot about since beginning recovery 2 years ago. Some friends who are also in recovery are quite open... 2
Sibling Trouble Does anyone find their eating disorder is used against you in an argument with a brother or sister? I am 18 and my brother James is 14. I can... 6
Being loved for my looks? So my boyfriend made a comment yesterday that we probably wouldn't be going out if I wasn't attractive, because he wouldn't have given me a chance or... 5
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Anyone from Ireland? Just curious.. anybody here living in Ireland? :) 3
Sad, confused, and lonely.. Advice? So, I have this friend and she's 36... I'm 18.... And we've been friends for a while, but her daughter is friends with my sister and they're 14 years... 12
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What feelings? When I started out 2.5yrs ago on this journey to discover why I've been on a never ending ride of depression I never guessed it would lead here. One... 2
How can I help my boyfriend understand this madness?! I'm copying/pasting a portion of my blog entry because it says it all. He says I'm not trying hard enough. That I don't love him enough to get better... 8
Has anyone told their doctor they are bulimic? So I feel like if I can't do this myself I need to tell someone. A professional maybe? Has anyone went to their doctor or seen someone that has... 12
High achievers I was just wondering about this. In anorexia patients you often hear the discussion about the afflicted being high achievers. Going for the best... 4
Family and Friends My family arre supportive but they dont know how to deal with my problem. My dad is in denial. My mum gets so upset for me and constantly shouts at... 2
Just venting... Well today was interesting. I haven't been on here for several months. I've been going through a lot of stress (big changes at work, a sudden death... 2
Relationships Does anyone else find it really difficult to start/maintain a romantic relationship? I feel like it is really hard for me to "open up" to people and... 1
Anyone struggle with marijuana use? Ever since I was a teen my bulimia has gone hand in hand with my pot use. I've been smoking pot for ages, although I didn't at all while I was... 3
Competing with friends Does anyone feel that they are competing with there friends when it comes to weight loss/management and exercise? My flatmate is a similar size to me... 2
Social anxiety? I was just wondering if anyone else suffers from social anxiety? Mine has got pretty severe of late, and I come home from work and hide. Being around... 8
"You can't be that bad, you're not even skinny" A few years ago a friend I was flatting with discovered evidence of one of my B/P's. She confronted me about it and I told her a little, enough to... 5
What if it's in the family?? So I need some advice, ladies. I think my niece has an eating problem. She is 20 years old and is at a weight that I consider deadly. My sister told... 4
Do you all believe this? There is a documentary series titled "What's Eating You?" that airs on Oprah's "Own" channel in the states. The series chronicles those with various... 14
Persevering despite lack of support... I still have pieces of the diet mentality in my head. I am 14 days binge free and my last purge was sometime before that, I can't totally remember. I... 2
Anybody else grow up in a loving family? Ive read so many stories of other sufferers and realized how blessed I have been. Unlike many others, I was never abused in any way, had loving... 13
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Toxic friendships/relationships Hi guys, Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with a toxic friend? I've been in the friendship for a long time and I'm finding its just not... 2
who here has been shy in front of men? Alright ladies! Being in such a crappy disorder, who here has been shy in front of men, or even go as far as putting up a persona? Honeys, there... 6
Is bulimia too much for a I being too selfish by letting the e.d. into the relationship? Hi.. I'd like to talk relationships and I think I might find some pointers here, 'cos no. 1, we know how bulimia seeps into more of life than just... 2
lonely I have only realised as i have begun this recovery how issolated and alone bulimia has made me i have few friends and am almost always housebound so... 1
Handling Stress Succesfully!! So yesterday was a very hard day for me, one of the hardest I've had since starting this program. I moved out of my ex's house in March of this year... 2
lost and alone Ive never failed anything but my life seems to be tumbling down i cant go a day without b/p anymore and i cant study for my major exam its such a... 2
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