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My mom had a dream... I wanted to cry when my mom told me she had a dream about me. The word "immaciated" sticks in my mind. Thats not what I want, but I know I'm head...
My boyfriend couldn't handle ed My boyfriend of just over a year broke up with me yesterday saying he just didn't think he could be there for me anymore, that the bulimia was too... 5
Does anyone feeling like a fraud in life? I went to an intensive outpatient rehab for ED's, although I was only there for a week out of 6 weeks, cause I'm "too good for this therapy" HAHA I'... 20
Should I tell her? I think I need some support. So I am really thinking strongly about starting my recovery. I have my first appointment with a counselor tomorrow, and I think I'm really just done... 8
Is there any support for partners to help them understand? I just wondered if on here there are any partners who can chat to other partners about their perspective on all of this? To help them realise that... 2
ED- selfish? Recovery-selfish? Does God even care? :] (kinda long) I want to say that I am a Christian and this is totally from that viewpoint, so if that offends you its OK to stop reading, I won't even know. ;) I... 3
Inpatient Treatment? I was just wondering, how do you know when you need inpatient treatment? I have been in recovery for 2 years, but I keep relapsing. I feel like I can... 8
Perhaps I need to leave my boyfriend in order to recover. How he found out: my boyfried (of 5 years at the 6) found a book I forgot to hid--(great book: life without ed). He was SOOO GLAD that he... 5
Using this ED as an excuse? Hey, Just had a thought that I'd like to share or hear your thoughts on. For 14 years I suffered from an ED and told no-one, until about 4 weeks ago... 2
HELP. I'm living with my parents for a bit but they buy junk food all the time My parents don't know about my ED and they continually buy junk and bread etc etc even when i ask them not to. My mum even even buy me sweets and... 2
do i really want to recover? i don't know if anybody else thinks this sometimes, but i'm never sure if i actualky do want to be 'normal' again, i guess now bulimia i part of me.... 6
Telling someone Hey! I don't know whether to tell anyone or not.. I was wondering if anyone found it helpful? As the one person i have told before got really... 2
What do you think is the cause of YOUR eating disorder? I have been trying to analyze my life and WHERE I went wrong! Why do I have this eating disorder and why don't my sisters or friends have it? I sit... 11
is yellow teeth a huge deal-breaker for guys? Hi everyone :) I've just turned 22 recently and I have probably one of the worst set of teeth in the world. It's somewhat straight, but a sickly...
my wish i just want someone to hold me and not let me go. i want to tell someone EVERYTHING, and not be afraid of their judgement. i want to confess...
Did you tell anyone? I'm in the beginning stages of my recovery- taking it day by day. I was just wondering if anyone shared their bulimia with a friend or family member... 19
JEALOUS OF SKINNY FRIENDS? Hi, is it just me or does anyone find it really difficult to be around friends who are skinny? My friend is sooo slim and I constantly find myself... 37
caught. my mom just came upstairs with the jar of peanut butter screaming at me about how it looks like it's been "licked clean" and how pissed off she is... 1
Counsellors and psychologists? My mum thinks I should see a thereapist or something. she doesnt know abou the bulimia she just thinks im crazy. i dont know if i should or what to... 8
Caught This morning, when I was downstairs, my mom looks at me and says, "Kelly, do you eat?" "Of course, Mommy" I replied. She still had a suspicious look... 2
drinking alchol Okay so I am not an alcholic. But I am 23 and it is really fun to go to the bars with my friends and take come shots or have some wine. Since I... 1
the boy i like sometimes i don't know if having him will help me or hurt me in this. we're unofficially together but sometimes i just got so anxious and nervous... 1
I must be the only dude on this site Like the subject says, I must be the only dude on this site. I just found it tonight and have skimmed the "getting started" area and some posts, but... 9
my parents make it worse everytime i fight with them or they yell at me it just makes everything worse, especially now since i've been trying not to purge anymore i have no... 1
identity crisis? letting go of bulimia=letting go of myself..who am i without it .. I dont know who i am anymore.. i have nothing special about me.. i have nothing that sets me apart from the rest of society.. i'm just.. here.. i... 5
Anyone in Cambridge or Scarborough UK? Hey guys, sorry for taking up space and writing a post for this question, but are any of you in or near Cambridge in the UK, or Scarborough (nearby...
hopeless I've been battling Bulimia for the past 5 years. Up until the last 6 months I felt I had control over my disorder. It didn't control my life, I...
Getting help From my family I was hospitalized less than two weeks ago for suicide attempt and I told them I was bulimic my parents finally believed me that I am bulimic and it... 1
alone i feel like I can't be left alone. When i'm around others or at work I'm ok. if I have a day off and my b.f leaves for work my whole world falls... 3
Hmph :( I recently went through a period of 2-3 weeks where I was smoking weed every day, and I would over-eat/binge every day because of smoking weed, and I...
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