Kimberly’s story: "It all clicked with me it! it was so simple.."

When I met my boyfriend I knew I  wanted to live a full and happy life. It was time to really recover.

I knew dieting, restricting and over exercising had lead to my bulimia but I didn’t know how to recover so I started to read books and research online.

This helped for a while but all the things I read were about “mental problems” or how your childhood could have caused your bulimia. Some sites suggested I should take antidepressants but I wasn’t depressed and had a good childhood - it all didn’t really make much sense to me.

Finding Support

One day I was on the net looking for anything to help make sense of what i was going through and I found

At first I just read a lot of peoples blogs. I was surprised by how many people were going through the same thing as me.

I was a little unsure about The Bulimia Help Method because it was so different to anything that I had seen before but I thought what else do I have to lose?

When I read the eBook it all clicked with me it! it was so simple.

My body was deprived and it needed food.

I sat there thinking “wow, why didn’t anyone else tell me this?”

The site offers great support for people who are going through or have been though what you have, and there are many tools to help you help yourself. Reading other peoples success stories helped keep me going on bad days.

I’m not saying that it was great straight away because it was HARD...

For example to eat 5 times a day felt so unnatural because it went against what I thought was the way to lose weight.

Gradually though I became comfortable with the meals and snacks and found that my urge to binge was less and less and when i did binge they were small binges and I could stop myself from putting more and more in my mouth.

Learning to eat all foods

Soon enough I was allowing myself to eat the foods that I had called "bad" for so many years.

It was very helpful to write my thoughts down each day in my online blog and it was also great to get feedback from others who had been through the same things. .
I am starting to get to know myself and my body and I can recognise that I feel better and happier when I eat more. I have even started to look forward to my next meal and love to cook and make nutritious and yummy meals for myself. 

My life has changed so much...

  • I learned how to eat again and how to listen to what my body wants and needs.
  • I learned how to express my feeling thanks to blogging and getting my thoughts out.
  • I learned to love myself again thanks to writing in the online diary every day and adding to my positive list.
  • I am getting my confidence back,
  • I am exercising because it makes me feel good and gives me more energy
  • Most days i look in the mirror and like my body I appreciate what it does for me and that it is still healthy after all i have done to it.
  • I am able to talk to my boyfriend and express my feeling and share with him what i am going through i can finally ask for support and take it.
  • I hardly ever have “bad days" now.

I’ve even suggested non-bulimics read the The Bulimia Help Method

I have already asked my friends to read the eBook as even though they don’t have eating disorders they are always on diets and depriving themselves of meals and i want to stop anyone from suffering the way I did.

It makes me angry now when i see all the dieting adds on TV, mags and online. the dieting marking should be teaching people how to listen to there body and how to love and take care of themselves not how to skip calories and remove entire food-groups from their diet.

Food is the most basic of human needs and when you take it away it is a recipe for disaster!

I look forward to everyday now I don’t waste my days torturing my body.

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michelle odonnell
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Thank you for sharing I am 42

Thank you for sharing I am 42 and have struggled with bulimia since I was 16, I thought I was the only person to have faced this terrible habit for as many years as I have.
I feel I now have hope. I want to live again Help Help help....and Thank you for sharing Thank you for caring Thank you


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