Lola's Story: Its been 10 months since the last time I purged

bulimia recovery system success story

My name is Lola.  I'm 34 years old and I suffered from bulimia for a year and a half before I had had enough.  I was bingeing and purging up to 3 or 4 times a day, abusing laxatives and an over-exerciser. 

It was unbelievable that I was going through this...

Shouldn't I, as a 30-something know better?  I would scream at myself that what I was doing was wrong and ridiculous and that I needed help! 

I'll stop tomorrow - this WIll be the last time!


is what I told myself over and over.

It was following a particularly harrowing 3 or 4 days that I decided I was serious about leaving bulimia behind, like breaking up from a bad relationship or saying good-bye to an abusive friend. 

I didn't need or want this cycle of hell in my life anymore so I found myself on Google, desperately trying to find the answers. 

That's when I found  It's sad to say but in my town there were few services offered to help those with eating disorders.  After reading about Ali and Richard's story and the stories of some of the successful recoveries using The Bulimia Help Method I was willing to try anything. 

It was a major, positive turning point in my life...

I have never looked back, I have never purged again and the investment I made in The Bulimia Help Method was the best thing I did!

The Bulimia Help Method eBook saved my life! 

It made absolute perfect sense why I was bulimic and what had caused it.  In retrospect, the restrictive eating and obsessive exercising all for the sake of losing a couple of extra kilograms was ludicrous! 

My body weight was stable before bulimia, but as a bulimic I went up a dress size.  The answer was simple: the way to stop binge eating is to stop purging.  I found the answer I needed.

It has now been ten months since the last time I purged

I am by no means perfect, but I am towards the tail-end of my recovery, about 95% there.  I still have an occasional binge but nowhere near the amount I was binging and certainly not as frequently.

During the first few months of recovery, the Visualisation Audio was my best friend!  I found it extremely beneficial to go to sleep at night with those positive affirmations being the last thing I heard as I drifted off.

My relationship with food now

My relationship with food has improved ten-fold.  Trigger food that I could never have in the cupboard out of fear of uncontrollable binging is now enjoyed in moderation! 

The best tip I received is to eat every three hours.  My weight has stabilised and I am following a safe and moderate exercise regime with the guidance of an exercise physiologist. 

I have not put on any weight from ceasing to purge

In fact I have lost a little without even trying.  My main focus and concern however is getting my health in tip-top shape!  My life and happiness is no longer ruled by a number on a scale.  In fact, I threw my scales out long ago!

I thoroughly, highly recommend The Bulimia Help Method

I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who is suffering from the awful effects of bulimia and believes they deserve a better life. 

I feel that I am in much more control of food and my destiny and some of my positivity and zest has returned. 

I KNOW it will help anyone who desperately wants to start a new chapter of their life, happier and in control!


Richard Kerr
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I love this... its so

I love this... its so inspiring

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Thank you so much for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing Lola. Like you, I put on weight thanks to my ED - 2 whole dress sizes! Didn't help that my blood pressure was so messed up from purging I couldn't exercise for about a year...
ED is a nasty disaster!!!

But now, thanks to BRS and the good friends I've made on here, I'm on the road to recovery. Not nearly as advanced as you- but your story is exactly the inspiration I need to keep going. My day time meals are healthy and well constructed, eaten slowly and I've started light exercise again. All of which seemed impossible before I discovered

Thank you again for sharing Lola!
Much love,
JQ, xx

somethings are more important than fear

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Where did you find the

Where did you find the visualization audio? I'm new to all of this. Thank you for your story.

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This is really inspiring! I'm

This is really inspiring! I'm new here, discovered the "site" last Tuesday, and I've been feeling great since then, no B/P at all!
I'm starting to read the book and so far I can barely believe in what I've learned and how everything relates to what I felt all these years...While I actually thought that I was this way and that was it, I really believed it was impossible that someone else would have that same stupid behaviour...And it's so comforting and inspiring to make part of this system. A million thanks!

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