Stephanie’s Story: "How I beat bulimia"

I really thought there was something wrong with me. That there was something wrong with my brain. I would binge and purge any chance I had. Any time I was alone at my apartment.

I felt like a drug addict with food being my drug of choice.

I had first discovered when I was at my lowest. They didn’t have The Bulimia Help Method at that time but I could still talk to people and share my feelings.

There were many girls and guys my age going through very similar experiences and for the first time I realized I was not alone!

After sharing my story with others like me I suddenly realized -

We had all started experiencing these food issues when we started dieting!

In that moment I realized that dieting is what started it.

So I finally understood what had triggered my bulimia, but I still didn’t know what to do about it. I didn’t know how to fix it. I didn’t want to start eating more for fear of gaining weight, but when I ate less I would binge.

What happened next…

My bulimia carried on for a few years but after graduating from college I decided that I really needed to focus on recovery so I tried other recovery programs online.

Many were depressing and wanted me to subscribe to online therapy. Many claimed it would take months or years for me to get better.

They were reinforcing my fears that I was born with someone wrong with my brain and therapy would need to fix it.

But then something wonderful happened…FINALLY ! Bulimia Help came out with The Bulimia Help Method (BHM®)and I was able to start a true path to recovery.

After reading through the program and recovery tools, everything started to make sense

I felt finally “this is something I can handle“.

The program showed me I wasn’t eating enough and it explained exactly what proportions of fats, carbs, and protein I should be eating which completely changed the way I prepared my meals.

But I had to start slowly…

For example

  • I would have a timer on and make sure that I didn’t eat my meal too fast.
  • I would count the number of times I chewed my food.
  • I would put my fork down after every bite to make sure that I wasn’t just scarfing it down.

How this changed my relationship with food…

In no time I found I felt full after every meal; something that had never happened to me before.

The program also provides other tips besides eating habits to help. It helped me understand why I felt so tired unless I had a b/p high.

What I really like about it is that it’s all step by step and really easy to understand.

Better still, I didn’t have to move onto the next step until I felt ready!

Of course I wasn’t perfect, I still thought about food a lot and I would still b/p every so often. But the important thing was that I was making progress.

What about weight gain?

For anyone nervous about weight gain, I actually lost weight, I’m not bloated anymore and I stopped have stomach aches.

Where I am today

So where am I now? Well I don’t want to put a label on it…I don’t want to say “I am cured” because then if I ever did b/p again I would label myself a failure.

All I know is that I look at food completely differently now.

I see it as fuel for my body so I can do the things I want to do in life!

I know that I still need to follow a meal plan. I need to always eat a balanced meal and never skip a meal even if I don’t feel hungry but it’s not something I even have to work at anymore.

Even if I never had bulimia, I truly believe this is the way people should eat.

I am so thankful for The Bulimia Help Method (BHM®) because of it my life is completely different.

Instead of having to spend my time whenever I am alone bingeing and purging I do a lot of other things. I paint, play with my dog, go hiking, play basketball.

These are all things I felt too tired to do before and now I feel energetic and look forward to doing them. Thank you so much!




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