Recover from Bulimia Nervosa

Recover from Bulimia Nervosa

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“You are not broken, weak or faulty because you binge on food. You are normal and more importantly you can fully recover.”
Ali Kerr, Founder of Bulimia

“I am truly extraordinary impressed with Bulimia Help.”Professor Susan J Paxton BA Hons, MPsych, PHDLa Trobe University />

“I have found it one of the most effective self help online options available.” Natalie Wild Recovery Support Officer – Eating Disorders Victoria

“Their program is a useful, innovative system to overcome bulimia.” Dr Robert Leslie BA (Hons.) PHD – University of Ulster

About The Bulimia Help Method

About The Bulimia Help Method

Bulimia Help Method Book

Endorsed by University Professors, Eating Disorders Specialists, Doctors and former bulimics, the Bulimia Help Method is a proven & trusted approach to lifelong recovery from bulimia. In the past 6 years we’ve helped 13,000+ lives in over 32 countries worldwide.

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Some Feedback on the Bulimia Help Method

“I’ve never felt so calm and in control around food. I really never believed that recovery is possible and I am still surprising myself every day with how much happier and healthy I feel. Thank you.” Carina

“I’m in love with my bulimia-free life, and out of love with the binge, especially since purging is no longer an option.” Rochelle.

“I have not put on any weight, I have rediscovered spontaneity and I feel like I have gained so much freedom. I still can’t believe how much my life has changed for the better.” Julie.

“I am now 11 months completely binge/purge free and finally feel free of bulimia. I was bulimic for 10 years prior to this and had tried countless times to recover, but was never successful.” Chloe.

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Let Our Recovery Coaches Support You Through Recovery

The Bulimia Help Method Coaching Program can help to support, guide and motivate you to a full recovery.

Work 1-on-1 with your personal recovery coach.

A safe supportive environment where you can be honest and open.

Stay motivated and accountable throughout your journey.

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Our latest book

We’ve launched our newest book! The Binge Code.

The Binge Code is a bold new book based on hard science and over 10 years of helping people end their binge eating issues and lose excess weight. Learn more here