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What one woman did for her son

I would like you to meet Sara.
Sara is a famous German columnist, author and actress.
Sara suffered with bulimia for 12 years and had given up on recovery.
Until one day they threatened to take away her son and
she realised she had something worthing fighting for. 

Not only did Sara recover using the Bulimia Help Method,
she then wrote a book about it…
which then became a best seller in her home country Germany. 

Pretty inspirational stuff.

In this open and honest interview Sara talks about:
– Her struggle with living with bulimia
– How her fear of losing her child motivated her for recovery
– How she applied the Bulimia Help Method to her life
– And the exciting new project she is working on right now. 

Watch and post a comment to let me know what you think

View Sara’s Kickstarter Project Here:

Sara’s recovery story – (audio interview)

We are deeply honored to have Sara from our Coaching program share with us her success story.

Sara grew up as a normal happy kid. She had a normal family and a normal childhood. Everything was going fine until a comment from a friend about her weight led her to try out a diet. So began her downward spiral towards an eating disorder.

In this inspirational recovery story Sara talks about what led to her bulimia, but more importantly how she managed a full recovery and turned her life around.

Prepare to be inspired.

Mindful Eating and your Bulimia Recovery

New Book 5

When you are eating your food, when was last time you really stopped what you are doing, sat yourself down with your meal and concentrated hard on the taste, flavour, texture and delicate subtleties of what you are eating? Perhaps you eat on the go or even reach for a magazine or your iPhone to check out Facebook during meals. If you are doing this then learning the art of Mindfulness is for you.


Nicole Scherzinger speaks out about her Bulimia

[Spreaking out about Bulimia

My gosh, Hollywood’s obsession with body image has led to so many celebs ending up battling with an eating disorder. And it’s not just in Hollywood, it spreads world wide.

Recently Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger opened up and told how she is back from a ‘dark place’ after recovering from bulimia. Nicole said she battled Bulimia for a decade while performing with the Pussycat Dolls.