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“There is much helpful, practical, and inspirational advice in this program, which is all backed by thorough research and the experience of thousands of recovered bulimics.” Kathryn Hansen, Author of Brain over Binge

“”I am truly extraordinarily impressed with the Bulimia Help Method. It is really impressive and very approachable” Susan Paxton, Past President of the Academy for Eating Disorders & Professor at La Trobe University

“Their program is a useful, innovative system to overcome bulimia.” Dr Robert Leslie BA (Hons.) PHD – University of Ulster



What if everything you have been told about bulimia nervosa was wrong?

This helps explain why there is no scientific evidence to support the assertion that eating disorders are a consequence of a mental illness ( or that resolving underlying psychological problems leads to recovery (Walsh & Cameron, 2005).

Chances are, you are not weak, broken or faulty because you cannot stop bingeing on food. You are normal and are simply suffering the side effects of starvation.

To recover, we need to remove the starvation state. The mind body connection is profound. Once we heal the body, many biological and physiological changes will occur in your body. Your brain chemistry will start to normalize, your hormone levels will balance out and this will go a a long way to resolving any psychological issues you may have. Put simply, if you heal the body, you can heal the mind.

This is the primary concern and focus of The Bulimia Help Method. We show you step-by-step, in detail, exactly how to remove the starvation state and recover for life.

This book will help you:

  • Make sense of your bulimia, (because believe it or not, bulimia doesn’t have to be confusing!)
  • Recover at a pace that suits you by following our step by step guide to recovery.
  • Eliminate binge urges and cravings for life by restoring your body’s own natural food regulation system.
  • Establish a pattern of regular meals and snacks while learning strategies to curb urges to overeat.
  • Get back in touch with subtle feelings of hunger and satiety which guide you to relearn what, when and how much you should eat.
  • Overcome the barriers that unhelpful negative thoughts and uncomfortable emotions often create.
  • Boost your self-esteem and general well-being.
  • Effectively deal with relapses and setbacks.
  • Have a normal, peaceful and natural relationship with food even if you never remember a time when eating has been this way.
  • Recover without your weight spiraling out of control
  • Maintain a healthy weight for life, without ever having to diet or watch what you eat again.

Endorsed by university professors, eating disorders specialists and doctors, The Bulimia Help Method is a tried and tested, no-nonsense, practical program for recovery.

You CAN put an end to your suffering. You CAN start living again.



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  • A Step-By-Step Recovery Checklist to help you keep track of your recovery.
  • A Powerful 20 Minute Recovery Meditation Audio
  • A Meal Planner Booklet

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Feedback on The Bulimia Help Method

“The Bulimia Help Method has saved my life. I don’t say that lightly. I have been bulimic for 10 years and I have been full of despair. I have been to doctors, therapy and read every self-help book; this was the first time anything worked. I finally have hope again!!!” Nadine

“I am in a position to “graduate” from your recovery program. After over 45 years of disordered eating this is quite incredible! Once more I have a potential to live life, be happy and healthy.” Pat Mary

“I’ve not purged in over 17 weeks! I’ve been bulimic for 26 years and have never gotten close to this amount of time away from it. I am also down 27lb and have got my blood pressure under control. I would never have believed it.” Angela


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About The Authors


Back in 2005 Ali Kerr confessed to her husband Richard that she had secretly struggled with bulimia for over ten years. They sought recovery together. Frustratingly, recovery remained elusive: therapy proved ineffective and inpatient treatment was too expensive.
So with nothing left to lose, they decided to take matters into our own hands. Utilizing the research skills developed at university, together they began researching, testing and questioning everything they could find on bulimia nervosa.
After nearly 2 years researching, they felt they had devised a recovery method that could really work and later named this the ‘Bulimia Help Method’.
By following this approach Ali made a rapid recovery and the program has since helped over 11,000 sufferers worldwide and is recommended by experts, doctors and eating disorder charities.