How to use your brain to override your binge urges with best selling author Kathryn Hansen

Author Kathryn Hansen Author Kathryn Hansen

Why is it so hard to stop yourself from bingeing on food?

How come no matter how hard we try to resist a binge we still eventually cave in?

What can we do to finally stop bingeing?

These questions and more are explored in my audio interview with best selling author Kathryn Hansen. She shares her story of how she discovered a unique process that allowed her to cut binge eating out of her life for good.


Mindful Eating and your Bulimia Recovery

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When you are eating your food, when was last time you really stopped what you are doing, sat yourself down with your meal and concentrated hard on the taste, flavour, texture and delicate subtleties of what you are eating? Perhaps you eat on the go or even reach for a magazine or your iPhone to check out Facebook during meals. If you are doing this then learning the art of Mindfulness is for you.


Nicole Scherzinger speaks out about her Bulimia

[Spreaking out about Bulimia

My gosh, Hollywood’s obsession with body image has led to so many celebs ending up battling with an eating disorder. And it’s not just in Hollywood, it spreads world wide.

Recently Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger opened up and told how she is back from a ‘dark place’ after recovering from bulimia. Nicole said she battled Bulimia for a decade while performing with the Pussycat Dolls.


Are you strong enough to recover from Bulimia?

It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re just not strong enough to recover from bulimia, especially if you’ve been bulimic for a very long time, or if you’ve experienced multiple failed recovery attempts along the way.

But what you may not realize is that at one time or another, every single person on the road to recovery has shared those same fears.


Bulimia bloating and other body changes in recovery

Girl holding her stomach due to feeling bloated

When entering recovery from bulimia, one of the first (and scariest) challenges is accepting the changes your body may experience. As a recovery coach, I’ve not only helped people make it through the various body changes that take place; I’ve actually experienced them myself.

Things are typically less scary when we know what to expect. While everyone’s body reacts differently to the phases of recovery, here are some common changes that most do experience, along with a few helpful tips for handling them.