How to use your brain to override your binge urges with best selling author Kathryn Hansen

Author Kathryn Hansen Author Kathryn Hansen

Why is it so hard to stop yourself from bingeing on food?

How come no matter how hard we try to resist a binge we still eventually cave in?

What can we do to finally stop bingeing?

These questions and more are explored in my audio interview with best selling author Kathryn Hansen. She shares her story of how she discovered a unique process that allowed her to cut binge eating out of her life for good.

Listen here: Interview with Kathryn Hansen author of Brain over Binge

Kathryn Hansen is a writer and blogs at Her book “Brain over Binge: Why I Was Bulimic, Why Conventional Therapy Didn’t Work, and How I Recovered for Good” has been a top seller for years and is one of the best review books on Amazon Click here to view her book on Amazon.

Kathryn also has a new Brain over Binge workbook published here.

6 Responses to “How to use your brain to override your binge urges with best selling author Kathryn Hansen”

  1. Cassandra on

    This is crazy timing, I’m reading her book right now. Nothing I’ve ever read about Bulimia has ever made me feel more empowered that I could truly stop before this book. I love that you did an interview with her. Thank you!!

  2. Stephanie on

    Thank you so much Richard for the interview! It was just what I needed to hear today. I have been dealing with bulimia for 25 plus years and my story was so similar to hers. It was dieting that got me in trouble and the therapy never has done a whole lot. 12 steps has really helped but then I left that program as I just couldn’t get myself to commit. I have been doing much better but get in these ruts and the thinking that the brain chemistry is off really makes sense! My joints from Rheumatoid and my body suffer when I get in these ruts. I look forward to reading her book and giving her ideas a shot!

  3. Holly on

    I am so thankful that for once, I followed something from the website (I’d been ignoring the daily emails for months since I signed up– Until last week. Last week, I opened my eyes for a moment when I started reflecting on a possible career change and knew I couldn’t carry on with this endless cycle any further without it making me completely unravel. It was time. I am not religious, and I believe every action I’ve taken has created the consequences and the reality I live in now. Bit I want to consider it fate that I read Richard’s email about listening to her interview. It has transformed my perspective and I think there are so many people suffering in or in the middle of a dark cycle that would feel the change so many others have felt when they read her book. I owe my life to this book and Kathryn. If we all only knew how much power we actually have , you would never look back and finally realize how strong you really are. It sounds simple but you begin to see habits are not simple, they get ingrained in your internal neural network and become what you believe to be ‘needs’ . That’s why I believe there are so many wonderful people that have built their life around bulimia because it has become an addiction, and now the lower, primitive brain interprets it as a need. Read this book if you feel stuck — even if it doesn’t change your life, it will change your perspective.

  4. Susan on

    I love you Kathryn!! You saved me and millions of others. I’m going to buy a bracelet tomorrow that will constantly remind me to detach and keep the motivation x


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