What would you choose?

If someone asked you whether you were average or beautiful what would you say?

Well in this short video clip a group of women were asked this question and you might be surprised by their response.

I know it can be very challenging to feel good about yourself when you are suffering from an eating disorder. But so many of us get into the habit of beating ourselves up for not being good enough, smart enough, capable enough, pretty enough, happy enough…etc. Eventually this negative self talk becomes routine, a habit, something that we just accept as part of our daily life. So lets try to break the habit. Even if just for a single day and give your mind and self esteem a much needed break.

So for one day, I challenge you to accept yourself. Accept that you may not be perfect, you may not be everything you hoped you would be, but that is ok. No one is perfect, we are all human and it is ok have issues, baggage and troubles. It is ok if a times you feel pain and hurt. It is ok if at times you feel fragile. It is ok if at times you don’t feel good enough.

So for a single day rather than compare yourself to some high standard or bar, lets remove the bar completely. Lets give yourself a break from the body bashing, negative self talk and inner criticism. Lets see if for one day we can lets it all slide, take a big breath and just accept who we are.

I know for many of you that may sound like a scary, challenging concept, but give it a go for one day and see how it makes you feel

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